Home Scandal and Gossip Megan Davis Hoelting breaks into husband’s friends home and sexually assaults him.

Megan Davis Hoelting breaks into husband’s friends home and sexually assaults him.

Megan Davis Hoelting
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Megan Davis Hoelting, 31 has been arrested for allegedly breaking into the home of a male friend of her husbands, before climbing into his bed and sexually assaulting him.

The woman has since been charged with burglarizing following the alleged incident on Monday night.

It would be the fourth time Hoelting would be arrested this month.

According to a court record obtained by The Smoking Gun, Hoelting entered the victim’s house in Williamson County, north of Austin, through an unlocked gate.

At the time of the assault the woman is said to have been wearing her nightgown before taking it off once inside.

Wearing ‘only panties‘, Hoelting allegedly got into bed with the man, grabbed his genitals and attempted to ‘perform fellatio upon him’.

At the time the victim was asleep.

The victim would tell police he ‘awoke to the feeling of an unknown party on top of him‘ and that ‘the offender placed his penis in her mouth.’

Startled, the man used the light on his phone to see through the dark before realizing it was his friend’s wife.

The man is said to have asked Hoelting to leave, however when she refused, he called the police.

Hoelting was arrested and booked into Williamson County lockup.

She was held in custody following three other arrests this month.

On October 14 she was done for theft.

Hoelting was then jailed just two days on an assault charge, two days later on October 16 she was arrested for assault and October 21 for public intoxication.

At present it is not understood what informed the woman that she could transgress her victim?

And then there were this comments on the web that made me wonder:

If a guy broke into a woman’s home, fondled her, performed oral sex, and did not leave, do you think he’d only be charged with “arrested on a felony charge of burglarizing a home with the intent of committing a sexual assault”?

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Megan Davis Hoelting

Megan Davis Hoelting

Megan Davis Hoelting

Megan Davis Hoelting

Megan Davis Hoelting



  1. This woman SHOULD be getting charged with attempted rape, sexual assault, and forcible touching, ALONG WITH the breaking and entering and trespassing and whatever other little charges they’re lining her up for.

    If the genders had been reversed, and a man had broken into this house and done this to a woman, he WOULD have been charged with those above. The puny little wrist-slapper charges this woman’s had levied are absolutely insulting, and outright infuriating for what she did to him.

    Shame on this police department!! Shame on them!

  2. Revoke his man card?

    I disagree.

    I respect the man for doing the right thing and not having sex with his friend’s wife.

    He’s a true friend.

  3. So the lesson she needs to take away is not to break into other people’s homes and start having sex with sleeping people. You’d think she wouldn’t have to learn that one the hard way.

  4. More double standards. Although to be honest I’m sure the guy finished and then asked her to leave. If he didn’t….revoke his man card.

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