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Ebola is nothing to freak out explains Shephard Smith of Fox.

Ebola Shephard Smith of Fox
Because who expected a voice of reason from the network of extreme irrationality?

Ebola is just a frantic disease created by the media as explained by Shephard Smith of Fox news.

Sanity at last and of all places from Fox news, the media entity that has made hyperventilation, histrionics, finger blaming and impending colossal doom the rationale of an entire nation the ever pressing norm.

Not so told Fox news host, Shepard Smith: ‘Ebola is nothing for you to fear, and I’ll explain why.’

This after the ever increasing scary stories blasting at us from every corner about how this one got quarantined, how this male stripper and that stripper sat opposite a handler who may or may not have breathed the same air as aid workers treating an Ebola patient here in the US or any other countless story blaring at us about the impending doom that we are more than certain to contract. Or are we?

While it may be true that shit is going down in certain parts of West Africa and there have been reported instances of returning persons from the region possibly harboring the disease, the reality is that Ebola is contained, overseas and it would have to take a lot of dire situations before it took a kind of hold that it has in that region.

Because the media is always ready to sensationalize anything and everything it needs to to get you to behave and think the way it needs you to behave…

Take a deep breath and let Shephard Smith inspire you to find your sanity once again (see below).

‘We don’t have an outbreak,’

‘We have two sick people from one dying man. And the rest of this should stop, because it’s not productive. And it’s not worth ratings, and it’s not worth politics, and we all need to stop it.’

Of course the question is will the media stop their lunatic coverage or will the public at last see through it all…?

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  1. This CHRISTOPHER KOULOURIS writer is like the 1950’s Jim Crowe Democrats … Instead of stay away from those blacks , he’s like stay away from foxnews

    I dont watch fox much but still you take a few new sources & form your own opinion, to dismiss legitimate objection to ebola bringing, D68 virus bringing….. terrorist defending/wanting to release all terrorists = Democrats is McCarthyism & yellow journalism to the extreme

  2. Tell that to the 200 plus Doctors & nurses dead treating ebola this year alone Shep

    & it is Political why would Obama EXTEND almost beg for more Visa’s from West Africa as he has pushed Illegal Immigration

    & * if it isnt political why would Obama send some 3000 non medical National Guard & troops to the infected zone?

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