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Shana Buchanan, lawyer killed by oncoming train cause she was wearing headphones

Shana Buchanan
How did one woman come to die crossing train tracks?

Shana Buchanan a Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota lawyer has been killed by a light rail train after walking across railroad tracks. It is believed the woman died as a result of music she was listening to on her headphones which preempted her ability to hear the oncoming train.

The  Star-Tribune reports the woman crossed the tracks around 10:15am Sunday morning, even though there were flashing red warning lights, a flashing sign and bells telling of the coming Green Line train.

Pursuant to the tragedy the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office would offer that cause and manner of Shana Buchanan’s death were still pending

One passenger, Jill Janovitz who witnessed the incident said she saw emergency responders pry a small device out of the victim’s hands.

The deceased’s father Tom Lohse said his daughter practiced law in various areas and once taught elementary school in the Minneapolis School District.

Told the father: ‘She was over Saturday night and talked to us,’

Everything was great.’

‘We’re just devastated.’

At the time of her death, Buchanan’s law license was inactive due to an October 2012 ruling that found she suffered from serious mental health difficulties.

At present it is not understood if the lawyer was undergoing therapy or had come to be depressed, which is to wonder what degree did her mental state affect Shana Buchanan’s day to day decisions.

That said a former colleague, Gary Wolf described her as a ‘brilliant lawyer‘ who once tried a high-profile case in 2007, in which an 18-year-old boy was sent to prison for the murder of another 15-year-old over a basketball jersey.

Buchanan leaves behind a 14-year-old son.

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