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Renata Congleton had a .413 blood alcohol reading when she went to pick up her son after school. 5 times the legal limit

Renata Congleton
Renata Congleton is just trying to deal with life the best she can and then some…

Renata Congleton has come to be arrested after suspicions that she was drunk driving after dropping by her son’s school to pick him up after one recent afternoon.

The tip off came told Pasco County, Florida Sheriff‘s Deputies when the 27 year old mother hit two cars while leaving school grounds reports WFLA.

With cops rounded up, deputies would eventually arrive at Renata Congleton’s home whereby the feisty mother proceeded to have an altercation with cops when asked if she had been involved in a recent accident. That shit led to her kicking and scratching at one deputy while being handcuffed.

Authorities later learned the woman’s blood alcohol content level was .413, which is more than five times the legal limit in Florida. It’s also well within the potentially fatal range.

The TV station reports Congleton was later charged with neglect of a child, battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting an officer with violence.

Because life is hard enough, never mind drinking yourself to oblivion….which of course describes the alcoholic’s oxymoron and the pathos of being.


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  • NYMom26

    Joe’s in love with Renata.

  • Captain fun buns

    Wow, every day I am reminded of the stupidity of some people.

  • Steve

    Joe, you must be a mind reader and a great judge of character to be able to tell that from a mug shot. Let alone the fact of 2 hit and runs at the school. But they probably made that up to. I guess no on should have to take responsibility for there actions anymore.

    With a BAC of .413 She would have had to went home and drink 2 pints of whiskey in a hurry to get it into her system.

    Get real….

  • joe

    she could have gotten that drunk after leaving the school and going home. . Lots of people get to drinking after a car accident from the emotional stress of it. Especially people who are in a lot of problems financially and more and then they have a car accident , and it is like the last straw from them The police didn’t show up to her house until long after she left the school and long after the car accident. They have no way to prove she was that drunk at the she went to the school or the accident. The teachers saying she was too drunk to pick up the kid is probably what is called ” adding to their story” because they later discovered she was drunk when the police arrested her. .More than likely they refused to let her have her son for failing to have ID or some other reason, and now they are Bolstering their story after the fact. Look at her Her mug shot. She looks like she has a giving up attitude about life. Not the face of a ornery, angry, wild fanatic drunk at all. Its the face of someone with way too many problems long before her arrest, and during the mug shot she probably feels like feels is like just giving up on life. I am willing to bet the cops are lying about her resisting arrest. She looks like she feels the whole world is against her for no reason and she cant fight it anymore.