Man, that’s some fucking insane guilt for a 9 year old to have to deal with for the rest of her life.


9 years old. Shooting a machine gun. As sad as this, what exactly did they think would happen?


Memo to the girl’s parents: Parenting—U R doing it wrong.


What goes through adults’ minds when they think little kids can handle this stuff?


This is such a tragedy for everyone involved. Not only does this little girl have to grow up knowing she killed someone, but this also affects the family of the instructor who died. This range should have their license pulled as well. You never teach a child (especially that young and small) beginning firearms with anything large caliber. When I taught my oldest daughter (when she was 10), we went through hours and hours of proper range technique, how to hold the weapon and always from a prone position. All with unloaded firearms. This was how I was taught when I was a kid.


Who the hell teaches a NINE YEAR OLD how to use an automatic weapon  How the hell did they expect her to handle the recoil?  The parents should be in jail as an accessory to manslaughter.

As for the “instructor” I wonder what his credentials were?

A tragedy that could have (and should have) been avoided..

Charles Vacca,

Charles Vacca on the right