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Edward Holley charged with attempted murder after throwing hot grits


Edward Holley

Edward Holley a 60 year old Orlando, Florida man has been charged with attempted second degree murder after throwing a pan of scorching hot grits on his neighbor, leaving 29 year old Darryl Blacknell with third degree burns to 30 percent of his body.

The incident which took place on Wednesday came to pass after Edward Holley came to see Blacknell standing on his porch, with whom he had a blow out argument the night before.

Motioning to the stove, the man grabbed a pan of grits that had been bubbling on the stove top, went outside and threw his breakfast at the unsuspecting neighbor, sending him running in pain.

Police said Holley told them: ‘If you’re going to arrest me, then just arrest me now, ’cause next time I am going to kill him,’ MyNews13 reported.

The 29-year-old told investigators that he was playing poker with Holley’s cousin and another friend on the porch when the 60-year-old man came up to him and the two got into a shoving match.

With the words, ‘I have something for you,’ Blacknell said Holley retreated into his house and returned moments later with a steaming pan of grits, which he hurled at Blacknell.

Holley’s cousin, who was standing next to Blacknell, also got splashed with the Southern breakfast staple and suffered burns to his arm.

Holley was ordered held without bond. On his way to the police station, the man told officers that the incident was Blacknell’s fault because the man was ‘following’ him around.

Blacknell will now have to undergo painful cleanings and surgeries; he will be admitted into the hospital for a significant amount of time

Witnesses told police that Holley picked fights with the victim.

Edward Holley
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