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Daniel Bingenheimer’s 7 month old son killed by driver who ran red light

Daniel Bingenheimer's 7 month old son killed
The precocious fragility of life and the instances of bad judgement that forever leave scars… David Bingenheimer, 7 months old.

Daniel Bingenheimer is trying to come to terms with the horrific accident which saw his seven month old son, David‘s life taken away after a female driver ran a red light. The speeding car would lead to another car ricocheting and crushing the boy’s stroller as the father walked his child.

Witnesses would tell moments after the crash, which occurred  at a busy intersection in Arlington, Texas, Daniel Bingenheimer, picking up his tiny son, David, and screamed out in pain.

At the time of the incident, a white sedan being driven by a woman is said to have ran the light, from there colliding with a red pickup truck, which then careened into the stroller.

‘It was the dad carrying his baby over to (the woman in the sedan) yelling, ”Look at what you’ve done”,’ said Dr. Jerrod Edwards, whose office is nearby and attended the scene, according to The Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The little boy would be pronounced dead at the scene.

Daniel Bingenheimer is believed to have just left a convenience store and was waiting to cross the 2800 block of South Cooper Street when the accident occurred around 9.30am.

Police declined to identify the drivers of the two vehicles.

Daniel Bingenheimer's 7 month old son killed

Police spokeswoman Cheryel Carpenter said investigators are trying to determine which vehicle had the green light.

One woman at a nearby bakery grabbed a white blanket and hurriedly covered the body, which was now on the ground.

‘I knelt down to check on the baby . . . and took one look and there was no question,’ told the woman.

The woman then turned her attention to the female driver in the sedan who was “tearing up the inside of her car and frantically screaming.”

The woman told how she was able to convince the female driver to call her mom to come to the scene and calm her down.

The pickup truck driver was ‘rattling off to the dad and kept saying, ”She hit me. She hit me”,’ told the woman.

The woman told she convinced him to stay by his truck until police arrived, she said.

Daniel Bingenheimer's 7 month old son killed

Daniel Bingenheimer, who was trying to reach his wife on his cell phone, appeared to have hurt his leg, added the woman witness.

She said he was dragging it along, ‘but was so upset, distraught and shocked’.

Reached for comment, the child’s mother declined, stating ‘all we want is to spend time with our family and grieve in peace.’

At present it is not understood what or if any charges will be levied against the female driver, as she will now have a lifetime to reflect on a fatal moment’s indiscretion that had far reaching consequences that she could have envisaged as she sought to beat the light….


Daniel Bingenheimer's 7 month old son killed

Daniel Bingenheimer's 7 month old son killed
Daniel Bingenheimer and son.