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Cora Delille, bullied 15 year old girl leaves suicide note naming her detractors

Cora Delille
What prompted one 15 year old girl to take her own life?

Cora Delille a bullied 15 year old girl on May 10th took her own life but not before penning a suicide note in which she named her detractors who over the years had tormented her. Her note was signed off, ‘signed for all the pain.’

The girl’s body would come to be found by a family member at their home in Pickerington, Ohio after hanging herself, told Commander Matt Delp of Pickerington Police.

In Cora Delille’s suicide note, the 15 year old leaves a myriad of reasons of why she was choosing to take her life, including classmates calling her names and feeling abandoned by her father and stepfather.

Offered Commander Matt Delp via the UK’s dailymail: ‘There were complex issues,’

 ‘She wrote about her home life and feeling unloved. Her mother and stepfather – the father she had known for 14 years – were getting a divorce. Her boyfriend had broken up with her the day before. There were many reasons.’

She also named at least four fellow students, including girls and two ex-boyfriends, and said they had caused her pain.

Commander Matt Delp also tells how the four students named in the letter were subsequently interviewed but did not find any conduct worthy of prosecution. There was also no evidence of bullying on social networks, he added.

Reiterated Delp: ‘She was the victim of some name calling,’ 

 ‘While it’s troublesome, it doesn’t warrant bringing charges against the students.’

Close friends tell that Cora mostly kept to herself, whilst her parents reaffirmed they had no idea the extent to which their daughter was suffering.

‘She mentioned here and there when kids made fun of her,’ her mother, Amy Hall, told the Columbus Dispatch. ‘She didn’t clue me in to how bad it was.’

Friends said that students would make passing digs at her in the hallways at school and at lunch, while others said they heard girls calling Cora names at the spring dance recently.

The day before she killed herself, she phoned her best friend Sydney Teal in tears.

‘She said she couldn’t take much more,’ Sydney told the Dispatch. ‘I didn’t know what to do. I told her I loved her and that I’m here for her.’

Cora Delille

Since her death, a friend has heard a student at school say she was happy that Cora was dead, while bullies have also cropped up online, writing insulting words beneath her photographs.

School officials added that Cora had never reported any bullying.

Offered Superintendent Rob Walker: ‘I’ve yet to work with anyone who is going to ignore outright bullying when it’s taking place,’  told the Dispatch. ‘Can it happen and the teacher not hear it? Yes.’

Her mother, who remembered her daughter as fun-loving and a caring big sister to her younger siblings, hopes that other teenagers will get help before it’s too late.

‘A lot of other kids are suffering,’ her mother said. ‘They need to know there are other people out there to help. They don’t need to keep it inside.’

Commander Delp said the investigation into her death is now closed.

In the U.S., for support on suicide matters call the National Suicide Prevention Helpline on 1-800-273-8255 or go to suicidepreventionlifeline.org



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