Home Scandal and Gossip Bride who shot dead her niece ordered to stand homicide trial.

Bride who shot dead her niece ordered to stand homicide trial.

Bride who shot dead her niece
Was it a case of just an accidental shooting?

Christina George-Harvan, 30, a newly wed Pennsylvanian bride has been ordered to stand trial for the shooting death of her 21 year old niece, Katelyn Francis after the two got into an altercation on her wedding day.

At the time of the shooting, the bride was still in her wedding dress after having been married earlier that day.

According to witnesses, the shooting came circa 10pm on a Thursday night as the group took to leaving Jimmy K’s Bar and Grile in New Brighton, just north of Pittsburgh as an an argument broke out who out of the two would drive. The newly wed bride, who would spend her first night as a married woman behind bars produced a gun from her husband’s car and shot her niece, a mother of one.

Although paramedics rushed to the scene, the niece would die.

Told witness James Botinovich: Everybody in the bar noticed that there was something going on with the people but nobody knew exactly what was happening,’

‘The next thing you know we heard someone got shot … looked out, noticed it was right by my car.’

To date, defense attorney, Stephen Colafella has told his client simply tried to move the gun when it went off. He has motioned that his client be allowed free on bond until the trial date. A hearing has yet to be set for that consideration.

Authorities have since verified that the gun was licensed to the newly wed husband, George Havan. Havan would later add that he always kept the gun fully loaded.

Bride who shot dead her niece
George Havan
Bride who shot dead her niece
Katelyn Francis