Home Scandal and Gossip Did Prvt. Isaac Aguigui kill his pregnant wife to fund militia?

Did Prvt. Isaac Aguigui kill his pregnant wife to fund militia?

prvt. isaac aguigui kill his pregnant wife
Had Prvt. Isaac Aguigui killed his wife to collect insurance money to fund a militia group?

Did Prvt. Isaac Aguigui kill his pregnant wife?

An army soldier, Prvt. Isaac Aguigui has purportedly confessed to killing his military wife and unborn child after persuading her to wear handcuffs during sex and then suffocating her with a plastic bag over her head. The confession came after a a former Army buddy testified before a court-martial Monday that Aguigui had admitted the crime.

If found guilty, military law mandates Prvt. Isaac Aguigui would receive an automatic life sentence of the  July 17, 2011, death of Sgt. Deirdre Aguigui.

During trial proceedings Capt. Janae Lapir, an Army prosecutor, said in her opening statement that Isaac Aguigui wanted to be free from a rocky marriage and coveted the $500,000 in life insurance and benefit payments he received from the Army after his wife was found dead in their apartment on the southeast Georgia Army post.

She called him ‘a schemer’ who tricked his wife into letting him handcuff her.

‘Sgt. Aguigui never had a chance to fight back because she never saw it coming,’ Lapir said.

Civilian prosecutors told Prvt. Isaac Aguigui used the insurance money to buy guns and bomb components for an anti-government militia group, F.E.A.R. (short for Forever Enduring Always Ready), which he started by recruiting other disgruntled soldiers.

F.E.A.R members had stockpiled assault weapons and bomb components and discussed plotting attacks on a crowded landmark in nearby Savannah, poisoning the apple crop in Washington State and even assassinating President Barack Obama.

Prvt. Isaac Aguigui is already facing the death penalty in the state of Georgia after he was charged with ordering the murder of soldier Michael Roark, 19, and his girlfriend Tiffany York, 17, in December 2011 – eight months after he allegedly killed his wife.

The couple were found shot in the head near Fort Stewart.

Aguigui had plead guilty in a civilian court last summer to murder charges in the slayings, saying he feared the soldier would turn on F.E.A.R.

Investigators also charged three other soldiersSgt. Anthony Peden, Pvt. Christopher Salmon and Pfc. Michael Burnett in the deaths of the couple.

Salmon and Peden, who prosecutors say fired the killing shots, still await trial.

Friends of the Army couple testified Wednesday about constant fighting in their marriage over Aguigui’s drug use and infidelities by both husband and wife.

Deirdre Aguigui, 24, was about seven-months-pregnant when she died, and friends said her husband had questioned whether the child was his.

On the night of Deirdre Aguigui’s death, Prvt. Isaac Aguigui called 911 saying he found his wife unconscious and unresponsive on the couch, with chunks of a potato she’d eaten for dinner in her mouth.

At the time, Chief Warrant Officer Justin Kapinus testified in a preliminary hearing that initial results of an autopsy on Deirdre Aguigui were inconclusive. A second look by a medical examiner for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation concluded someone killed the woman by choking her or otherwise blocking her airway, Kapinus said.

When she died, Deirdre Aguigui had small cuts and abrasions on her wrists and investigators found a pair of handcuffs on the bed, Kapinus said.

The bed was also covered with sex toys, leg restraints and other paraphernalia. The investigator said Isaac Aguigui told investigators he and his wife had used the handcuffs and other items during sex a few hours earlier. Kapinus said he suspects the bedroom scene was staged.

He said, ‘It seemed excessive.’

Aguigui’s friend Michael Schaefer testified that Aguigui at first told him his wife died from a blood clot.

About a month later, after they had been up all night using cocaine, they got into an argument.

Schaefer said he asked his friend point-blank what really happened to his wife.

‘He told me he had strangled her with a bag,’ Schaefer said. ‘He handcuffed her, put a bag over her head and strangled her’ while also sexually assaulting her.

Capt. Scott Noto, one of Aguigui’s defense attorneys, noted that Schaefer never mentioned a confession during several previous interviews with Army investigators or when he testified at a pre-trial hearing for Aguigui last summer.

Schaefer said he was afraid to speak up until Army prosecutors granted him immunity from prosecution in Deirdre Aguigui’s death.

Investigators said the young couple had been separated until not long before Deirdre  Guigui, a promising Army linguist, died.

‘She had kicked him out of the house for reasons of infidelity and drug use,’ told Chief Warrant Officer Justin Kapinus.

The investigator said about eight hours before Aguigui’s wife died, he had sent a text message from his cellphone to an old girlfriend that said: ‘We’ll have plenty of money.’

Lieutenant Colonel Kristin Brown, an Army obstetrician who treated Aguigui’s wife during her pregnancy, testified that she had complained that her husband had been unfaithful and that they planned to get a divorce.

Investigators also learned that Deirdre Aguigui had sought confidential counseling for domestic abuse.

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