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Katy Perry ‘Shut the f*ck up @ Moschino Runway

 Katy Perry Moschino Runway
Because Katy knows she’s the real reason everyone even bothered…

It seems attendees at the recent Moschino 2014 fall fashion show were not particularly amused with Katy Perry who found herself booed and jeered upon taking to the runway.

Having kept attendees waiting for up to an hour at a packed show, the pop diva got the surprise of her lifetime as she strutted in a curve hugging black and gold dress down the plank.

Instead of applause, the diva was met with hecklers and jeers from annoyed attendees.

Herself not impressed with attendee’s reaction left her manners aside when she incredulously sputtered back to the audience: ‘You’re all going to get your picture, so shut the f-k up.’

Which is to say Katy Perry knows which way is up and couldn’t give a shit about the clothes or the show itself, because she herself was the show.

 Katy Perry Moschino Runway

Among those unimpressed by Katy’s late arrival was Editor-in-chief of Marie Claire UK, Trish Halpin and Vanessa Friedman, fashion editor for the Financial Times.

Trish tweeted: ‘Katy Perry keeping us waiting @moschino going to be late for dinner. That’s the problem with celebs at fashion week.’

Vanessa wrote: ‘Katy Perry now getting booed by @Moschino audience for arriving 55 minutes late. Really, very bad business. #MFW #FTLuxury.’

Not that Katy Perry necessarily gives a shit what some two bit fashion editor thinks.

The event was the first time designer Jeremy Scott showed his designs for the house. It is not known how Scott took to Perry’s outburst, although one might guess the designer probably took the drama in stride given his own history of dramatics….

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