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Jeremy Scott is fashion-forward.

Jeremy Scott collaborates with Proper Attire.

Collaborating with proper attire—a condom line—wishing to make safer sex more fashionable, fun and accessible, Jeremy Scott took outrageous prints, and designs meant to get your attention. Comically absurd, women appeared on the runway in fountain-funnel up does; the dark-haired gentleman appeared in Elvis-style pompadours.

Opening with girls in simple figure-skating style velour dresses, the outfits progressively got stranger. Acclaimed “Best Young Designer”, madcap American Scott launched his first line in 1997, after winning France’s Venus de la Mode Awards for future top designer. Jaw-dropping black target boards with white bulls eye, black sweaters that spell out f-a-s-h-i-o-n really big in white, or bar codes—variations of each offbeat design was presented by three models at a time.

Intended for the proper attire condom packaging, everyone in the audience left with three boxes of condoms. 1.3 millions abortions are performed annually and there are 333 million new cases of STD’s each year; this is a shocking 13 billions in associated medical costs. Jeremy as a result creates jaw-dropping styles that include dresses, sweater or jackets laden with silver or gold crucifixes–3 dimensional gold platelets that resemble signature nametags—or reflective, multi-colored bulbs. The bulbs came in rainbow colors and most interestingly sheathed the surfaces of leather boots, a leather jacket, bathing suits, long wool sweater and t-shirt; luminescent and strange, Scott certainly knew how to affectedly apply pop art to his fashion.

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