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Argentinian piranha attack injures 60. Warm weather blamed.


piranha attack injures 60

A mass piranha attack injured 60 swimmers, including 20 children in Argentina.

The attack would go on to leave one seven year old girl bereft of part of her finger whilst other swimmers would suffer deep cuts to their ankles, fingers and hands.

The attack happened at a popular beach on the Parana River in the city of Rosario, on Christmas day.

Swimmers trying to cool down in 38C (100F) temperatures rushed out of the water bleeding from wounds seeking help.

Coastguards called paramedics so they could assist the most seriously injured before police temporarily closed off the beach, despite some who continued to swim despite the danger.

The attack, blamed on a piranha species called palometas, was the most serious of its kind in the city since 2008 when 40 swimmers were hurt.

The piranha are said to have been attracted by debris left by fishermen.

Local government spokesman Ricardo Biasatti described the attack as a rarity.

He said: ‘This sort of event in this area is absolutely sporadic. It was the conjunction of two factors, a shoal that passed very briefly through an area full of people.’

The region has been hit by a heat wave with temperatures soaring to 38 degrees Celsius, prompting thousands to seek relief in the waters of the Parana River, which is packed with carnivorous fish.

Officials say the unusually warm weather also was apparently responsible for the fish congregating on the river’s surface before the attack.

The beach has since been closed to bathers.

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