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Chinese males rent themselves out as bogus boyfriends to please single females’ parents


Chinese males rent themselves out

A new phenomenon in China is catching wind. It involves young Chinese women feeling the pressure to present fake sweethearts in order to appease expectations that they are soon to be married.

One young man taking advantage of such pressures involves that of Matthew Fan, a 27 year old financially secure man who rents himself out as a fake boyfriend. The irony of course is that many who rent themselves out are themselves single.

Told Fan recently: “I wanted to earn some pocket money when I had just graduated from university and started to work,”

“I wanted to earn some pocket money when I had just graduated from university and started to work,” 

“This rental business isn’t bad, especially during the Chinese Lunar New Year when there are family reunions.”

The journal goes on to tell that Fan might not be handsome, nevertheless he’s attractive enough in re assuring parents who want their daughters to demonstrate that they have a marriage prospect.

Aware with various Chinese festivities on the horizon, single Chinese women feel the need to appease ‘nosy’ parents and relatives who are anxious to know if their daughters have finally found themselves a prospective man, and fears that they will soon to be old to find a man.

Fan advertises online charging 800 yuan (US$131) per day in China and 1,500 yuan per day in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. There’s a three-day minimum and his employer pays transport, accommodation, dining and other fees.

“I only rent my time, not my body — you know what I mean,” 

Fan goes on to admit he has a girlfriend who doesn’t know about his moonlighting.

Type the keyword rent boy/girlfriend on Taobao.com, China’s largest online shopping website, and more than 250 search pop up. They provide a range of services and prices range from 500 yuan to 8,000 yuan per day, or around 50 yuan an hour on average.

Services include accompanying clients back home to see their parents, chatting with parents, attending social gatherings, going shopping and taking part in various other activities.

The price list per hour can be quite detailed. In some cases, dining is 50 yuan an hour (the employer pays) shopping 30 yuan, seeing a movie 30 yuan (double price for a thriller).

Meanwhile courtesy bye kisses go for 50 yuan, which will also include a free embrace, free hand holding.

The arrangement usually involves both the client and the Chinese rent a boy exchanging photos online before settling on services and prices. They then meet for a rehearsal.

She briefs him on her situation and her family, they establish the boyfriend’s job, salary, family background and how of course they fell in love…

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