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Brooklyn bar raises drinking age to 25 cause you’re all too annoying.



A Brooklyn bar, Phil’s Crummy Corner has raised the drinking age of patrons to that of 25 on account of complaints from nearby residents who tell that the young people who like to congregate there into the early hours are too noisy.

The age requirement which is to be enforced on the weekends came after neighborhood tension recently escalated.

Told the venue’s manager, Isabel Santiago: “Their quality of life is our concern,”

Since locals complaints, the venue has told that it aims to make Phil’s more of a ‘quiet family place.’

How quiet though is anyone’s guess as Phil’s has recently gone on to hire a bouncer. Not that a ‘quiet family place’ ought not have its own bouncer either.

At a recent neighborhood meeting locals turned up to air their grievances.

Told one resident: “You will be shocked about the number of conversations you can hear from my bed,”

“They’re animals. Friday and Saturday night, it’s like animal town.” 

Kids would that be an accurate estimate of your night time activities?

Told another local: “I just care about being able to sleep on Friday and Saturday nights,”

 “That’s all I care about.”

Interestingly the past year alone has seen 22 311 calls reporting loud revelry in and around the vicinity.

The bar has in the recent past been the subject of police activity including that of a 25-year-old woman who was kicked and punched by a gang of four attackers.

Then there was these two comment on the web that brought a knowing rueful smile to my face:

As an avid bar goer, annoying drunks know no age limit.


Right, because no one over 25 ever caused a disruption in or outside a bar late at night. 

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