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Is this Banksy? Picture taken might finally be him (at last).



A photo making the rounds today is making some ask the question with degrees of confidence ‘is this Banksy?’

The image that of a man in a flat cap and paint-spattered overalls was photographed trying to fix a ‘moving painting’ in a van which had broken down, as part of the artist’s month-long ‘exhibition’ in the U.S.

That person is believed by many in the media to be the elusive Banksy, who has never confirmed his identity and of whom no picture is definitely known to exist.

Told the nydailynews: The notorious yet anonymous graffiti artist has been in New York showcasing new work, but a technical snafu in a delivery truck sent two men in overalls into a frenzy. The two hopped in the vehicle and drove away, but Banksy fan Thomas McKean caught up with the pair. When McKean asked one of them if he was Banksy, the man simply smirked and said, ‘No man, I’m a truck driver.’

Told the lucky witness, network engineer and huge fan of Banksly, Thomas McKean who went on to take snaps of what may have been Bansky or at at least his crew dressed in delivery overalls:

“I’m pretty sure one of them was Banksy,


Thomas McKean goes on to tell how he’d been paying closely following Banksy’s website and rushed to a venue at St Marks Place after seeing an image that Banksy had momentarily posted on the site of his supposed where abouts.

Goes on to tell the nydailynews: McKean got to the site quickly and as he pulled up in his car he saw two men – wearing overalls – loitering on opposite sides of the street.

They weren’t doing anything special, but McKean noticed they kept their eyes on the white delivery truck, which had a few hundred people around it.

McKean joined the fray to stare into the back of the vehicle, taking in the graceful flap of the butterfly wings.

From there McKean goes on to describe how he stood standing outside the truck which by now had been converted to a mobile garden installation when the lights in the installation suddenly cut out.

McKean and other onlookers watched as the two men he’d seen before leaped into action – slamming the back of the truck shut and jumping in the cab to drive away.

McKean hopped in his car and followed the truck, which stopped at a gas station near 34th St. and FDR, he said.


Yes kids. I’m getting goosepimples following along as well. Where will Banksy head to now? Yikes !!

Goes on to tell McKean: “The two men got out and they were talking frantically on cellphones,” 

‘They started playing with a battery source by the front wheel,” 

“For like 20 minutes they were fiddling with the battery trying to get it to work,”

On a lark, McKean suddenly then walked up to one of the men and asked if he was Banksy?

In turn, McKean goes on to tell the man just smirked and told: “No man, I’m a truck driver,”

The nydailynews goes on to point out that Banksy’s real identity is a closely kept secret. He’s rumored to have been born Robin Banks, a former butcher. Others say Banksy is a name for a collective of different guerilla-style street artists.

More recently a theory has surfaced that he’s Robin Gunningham, a 40-year-old who enjoyed a middle-class upbringing in a bucolic part of England.

McKean’s not convinced that the dark-haired man in coveralls he snapped was Banksy – but he considers it a strong possibility.

Of course then there’s the very real dour possibility had Thomas McKean actually managed to nab the real identity of Banksy we’d all of be terribly disappointed as an enigma finally came to an end. All because of a faulty light…. no thanks!

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