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Assassin dressed as a clown kills Mexican drug pin.


Assassin dressed as a clown

An assassin dressed as a clown has gone and shot former Mexican drug kingpin Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix whilst he was vacationing with family in Baja, California earlier this week.

Local media sources tell that the 63 year old Felix was the former leader of a mammoth Tijuana cartel which ruthlessly controls the drug trade along the Mexican and US border.

Caught in 1993, the former drug king was forced to relinquish his empire and went on to serve a 15 year jail sentence before being released in 2008.

Told Isai Arias, a Baja California state government official: “He was hit by two bullets, one in the chest and one in the head.”

Gawker go on to note that Felix’s sister, Enedina, took over the cartel during Felix’s incarceration, and her son Fernando, also known as “The Engineer,” now runs the cartel, which remains a major player in the drug war which has claimed the lives of more than 60,000 Mexicans since 2006.

At present authorities are said to be on the look out for the assassin. No known motive for the killing as of yet has been declared. Not that one could think of a few…

Officials went on to tell that the killer’s disguise included a wig and a round, red nose.

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Assassin dressed as a clown
Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix
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