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(Video) Why Nina Ricci model, Hollie-May Saker punched naked Femen protester.


Nina Ricci model, Hollie-May Saker

British born Nina Ricci model, Hollie-May Saker who at the time was walking the catwalk for the Paris based designer has gone on to reveal the reason why she punched one of the two half naked Femen protesters who suddenly stormed the catwalk procession.

Explaining that the show is a personal favorite, the Liverpool based 18 year old, who has been tooted to be the next Kate Moss went on to reveal that she felt invaded.

Tweeted after the show, the model told: ‘FEEEEEEUUUUMIN. THAT B**** RUINED AND HAD HER SAGGY T*** IN MY FACE.

Speaking after the incident, the model went on to note: ‘I punched her – I didn’t mean to but she grabbed my arm and I just wanted to get her off me.

‘My Scouseness came out a bit but I wish it had come out a bit more. Thinking about it now I wish I’d pushed them both off the stage because they ruined my favourite show.’

‘As she grabbed my arm she lifted my skirt exposing me [so] I pulled my arm back with such force that I landed a punch square on her nose.

‘I was so angry but I knew I had to be professional so I carried on walking with a bit of sassiness. 

‘I had been looking forward to the Nina Ricci show for so long, whether I was modelling in it or not, it’s such a beautiful collection. 

‘I was really worried to come backstage but nobody said anything – I felt bad the moment it happened and I was very shaken up by it.’

Nina Ricci model, Hollie-May Saker

Hollie-May Saker, who started modelling at 16, said despite the ordeal she has no plans to let it dent her ambition of becoming a world famous supermodel.

‘I think if it had happened two years ago I would have run straight off the catwalk,’ 

‘It could have been worse, I could have fallen over.’ 

‘It was amazing but messed up. Things like this just make me feel so grateful, happy and grateful.’

‘I’ve worked so hard and deserve it, so hopefully I’ll get some good karma. I’ve got to model for some great designers and I can’t believe I got to walk for Burberry. I’m so proud to be British and a Scouser.’

Of course what may have pissed off Saker even more was if she had been able to see what the slogans the half naked Femen activists were parading: ‘model don’t go to brothel’ and ‘fashion dicterror.’

According to their website, Femen consider themselves, “the new Amazons, capable to undermine the foundations of the patriarchal world by their intellect, sex, agility, make disorder, bring neurosis and panic to the men’s world. FEMEN – is the ability to feel the problems of the world, beat it with the naked truth and bare nerve. FEMEN – is hot boobs, a cool head and clean hands.”

Who of course is also not afraid of expressing herself and how is Holly-May Saker who recently tweeted:

“Can’t stand some of the other models at shows…You’re walking for some of the worlds greatest designers,”

“Crack a smile ungrateful b*tch.”

Not that in the end Ms Saser didn’t handle herself too badly (although like other commentators on the web I’ve failed to see the punch the model purportedly claims she doled out) after all as she continues to mesmerize us all on the way to becoming a hell raising top model.



  1. she is ungrateful as fuck. god. i wish i could punch her but then I dont support violenc and wouldnt want to be on her level.

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