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Swedish man arrested after peeing on fruit at supermarket.


Swedish man arrested

A Swedish man has been arrested after peeing on fruit at a local Gothenburg supermarket.

Authorities are said to have been called after astonished onlookers observed a man proceeding to pee on a selection of apples and oranges.

Told Victor Prästbacka of the Gothenburg police: “It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of such an incident,”

“Apparently the fruit was worth 700 kronor ($110 USD) which has now gone down the drain.”

Cops went on to tell that the man was being aggressive and had to be held down by guards. Authorities went on to report the man was intoxicated as he preceded to head to the fruit and vegetable section and relieve himself.

The man’s actions led him to being arrested on the spot and subsequently charged with eroticism vandalism.

“We will question him when he has calmed down,” said the police spokesperson.

“We will contact the prosecutor and try to get a hearing as soon as possible,” added Prästbacka.

At present it is not understood what inspired the man to pee on the fruit or why for that matter he was ambling in a supermarket drunk in the first place.

The incident follows another delicious rendezvous when another drunk Swede was arrested for running into a pizzeria and urinating on all the pizzas in a rage after the pizzeria owner told him he was too drunk to have any more beer.

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