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Oh really? Here’s a video of Wendy’s customer losing his mind after finding cheese on his hamburger.



Here’s a picture of a Wendy’s employee eating ice cream straight out of the dispenser.

Oh really? Dunkin Donuts employee to be recognized as a hero for putting up with wack customer.

Dunkin Donuts customer insists on free food when they fail to receive receipt.

Kids I have to confess I get real peeved if I ever find ketch up on my burgers. I can’t stand that shit, it just riles me up. Especially when I tell them bixches to hold it back.

That said it’s time to meet our anonymous Wendy‘s customer losing his mind after coming across some cheese on his hamburger at a Wendy’s drive in and him naturally (cause the customer is right and god damn’ them lowly paid turds, give him back his money back and fast bixch!!) giving them punks a piece of his mind.

‘I need my money (sanity) back and I want it fast,’

 ‘Is there cheese (civility) in hamburger? There is no cheese in hamburger. When you have a cheeseburger (wet dream) you have a cheeseburger, when you have hamburger (mental breakdown) you have a hamburger.’

Sit back and relax as you slowly munch on your favorite Wendy’s snack and watch the mind violently break down. Yes bixches it happens to Mac every time he comes here but of course that never stops him from coming back for that mouth watering yummy called a Wendy’s hamburger.