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IV drips are now the new must have for rich New Yorkers.


IV drip

Want to get an edge over your rivals, stay fit and lean and always be a well oiled glamor machine? Then perhaps going for an iv drip infusion on your next lunch break might be for you.

The trend which has crossed over from Hollywood to now NYC has some willing participants shelling up to $300 -$1000 per session (depending on the concoction mix) for the tube fed concoction of nutrients said to boost energy levels and sharpen workplace performance.

Tells Dr. Marcia Harris, a gynecologist, who gives IVs at Patients Medical on Second Avenue: “We get a lot of inquiries because celebrities are talking about it.’’

In fact so popular have the sessions become that Harris tells that she has seen a 33 percent increase in requests for treatments this year alone.

Reflects Sharon Dorram, a renowned colorist who is a partner in the Sally Hershberger salon with respect to her own IV concoction which contains key ingredient amino acid glutathione: “It’s referred to as the mother of all anti-antioxidants. I’ve never had cancer, but I don’t want it. I’m very passionate about this. I work with chemicals and live in NYC. I can’t take 50 vitamins and all the drinks he wants me to, but I can sit there for 20 minutes and do my e-mails.’’

The drips are even being used to prepare for bikini season.

Chiropractor Ilan Bohm’s Madison Avenue office is filled with IV enthusiasts getting ready for summer. “About 60 percent of our patients have been doing it,’’ reports Dr. Bohm. “It’s an amazing boost to people’s immune systems, and once you have vitamins you’re less hungry.’’

Tells Dr. Pericles Lantz, a Park avenue physician who specializes in administering such treatments:

“New Yorkers who are aggressive in business and lead stressful lives realize that having vitamins in their bodies gives them the ability to keep their edge in a competitive world. My IV patients aren’t sick; they are the worried well.’’

The process is said to have first originated with athletes looking for a legal energy boost before becoming popular with Wall st players seeking key energy boosts to handle stress and longer hours at work.

Yet not everyone is necessarily convinced the process actually works.

Reflects Elizabeth Kavaler, a urologist and assistant clinical professor at Weill Cornell Medical Center: “There is no evidence-based medicine to support the use of vitamin drips; they are just moneymakers.”

In the interim the procedures continue to enjoy wide popularity by those who insist on them or maybe because of the must do new process out of well heeled social quarters. Not that you couldn’t buy yourself a monster vitamin shake for $10.

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