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And here are the messy images of one very turbulent Singapore Airlines flight.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines

Flying as most of you know comes with its own cache of risks; crashing, being bombed, hijacked, cancellations, having to tolerate unruly fellow passengers and the idea of the uncertain.

Another fun risk that comes with flying also includes turbulence. Turbulence as most of you might know can make for a very nasty surprise, which is exactly what one Singapore Airlines flight en route from Singapore to London carrying 328 passengers and 28 crew members recently got to experience whilst breakfast was being served.

Whilst most turbulence can generally be anticipated the turbulence experienced on this Singapores flight was not which led to quite the messy affair indeed as all that yummy stuff went to hell and back as the plane suddenly dropped hundreds of feet in altitude.

Among broken tea cups and wildly spilled chamomile tea are reports that a number of passengers had to be tended for a few nasty cuts and bruises as they bounced like boundless specks of sand in a sudden sandstorm.

Cause life is always volatile and never certain despite certain illusions we like to invest in, so let’s never forget that as your head careens against a sudden window pane to your horrid dismay…

Flying, cause it forces you to come clean with your existential sense of the universe self …

photos via Alan Cross/Instagram

Singapore Airlines



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