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Utah bully forced to wear thrift clothes as punishment becomes media star.

Kaylee is also a preferred hawt bixch

A Utah girl who bullied her classmate for her fashion sense has been forced to wear thrift store clothes as punishment and has in the consequence become a media star.

Kaylee, her last name withheld was subsequently made by her step mom to wear outfits that she’d normally not wear two days in the row so as to feel empathy for her victim.

According to local media outlet KSTU-FOX 13 the ten year old had been tormenting the other student for at least three weeks (I know ten year olds are so damn mean aren’t they?) , telling her she dressed like a sleaze. Naturally.

In fact so bad had the teasing become that a school teacher reached out to the girl’s mother to tell that her target no longer wanted to go to school.

Things finally came to a head last Thursday when the ten year woke up to find her her mother had spent $50 on a cheap outfit and sneakers ready to wear to school, which naturally enough led to Kaylee bursting into tears. I know Kaylee I woke up to a similar fate yesterday morning and I am no where near ten years old.

Kaylee went on to tell that fellow classmates talked behind her back when she showed up at the school.

From there Kaylee’s mom took photos of her daughter’s new look before her daughter’s story suddenly landed in the tabloids. Which is to say Kaylee is the ultimate cool chic after all and has single handedly turned sleazy and retro in to haute couture,not a bad feat for any ten year old….

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  • Oh great we have the media (again) manipulating a real life story and portraying a victim to be to be nothing and the threat to be a new fashion. WTF? Oh sure yeah lets have more of this. C*** Suckers are what the media is. Playing their game. I’ll stroke yours if you say what we want. Oh then…..good bye hope we didn’t F*** up your life too bad.