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John Potter, a 91-year-old war veteran is evicted by his daughter from the home he built

John Potter
John Potter
John Potter
How could you evict this guy?!

In the course of my writings and rantings I often come across stories that depict the severe insanity that seems to permeate our society. I have grown accustomed to the murderous violence and grotesque depictions of humanity that are constantly streaming across my computer screen. Yet, every now and then I find a topic that accurately depicts some of the most ethically depraved behaviors ever committed by individuals of the human species.

The story of John Potter and his battle to stay in the home he built was reported on earlier by Good Morning America and it is one that would make even the most ethically bankrupt individuals raise an eyebrow. John Potter is a 91-year- old WWII veteran that has been living in his modest home in Zaleski, Ohio for the past 54 years. He built the home himself after returning to America from serving overseas during the second world war. He is a retired train dispatcher with a toothy grin and a beard that could give Santa Claus a run for his money.

This all seems like a perfectly happy story. That is until we learn that his daughter, Janice Cottrill, is a woman who’s actions are so deplorable that the only explanation I can think of to rationalize it, is to  presume that she has been possessed by Satan, or at the very least the ghost of Hitler.

The trouble begins when Potter( Santa Claus looking grandpa) transferred power of eternity to Cottrill (Satan-Hitler) in 2004 when his health was starting to decline. Instead of being a good daughter and taking care of her father, Janice Cottrill used power of eternity to rewrite the deed to Potter’s house, replacing his name with hers.

For all you legal buffs out there, you are probably shitting bricks right now and describing how it is illegal for one with power of attorney to transfer assets to themselves from estates they may oversee. And you would be absolutely correct. John Potter learned about the sneaky switch-a-roo in 2010, and gave power of attorney to his adult granddaughter, Jaclyn Fraley.

And while one would assume that the courts would slap down this illegal activity by Janice Cottrill; it turns out that she actually could get away with it, due to a technicality. There is a statute of limitations of four years regarding matters like this, which means that the evil daughter would get to keep the house that her father built.

One would assume that would be enough evil committed by one person. Apparently not. Earlier this year Cottrill and her husband sent an eviction notice to her elderly father, saying they had terminated his lease. And because of a legal technicality they might actually be able to kick the elderly man out on the street. Potter is said to have stated that he “laid awake at night, trying to figure out what I could have done to make them so angry at me”.

Janice Cottrill, in what she probably assumes is a reasonable request, told her father that if he could buy the house from her, then he could live there. Now I know this woman is a terrible person. Her father is 91 years old and lives off his pension. There appears to be no possible way he could ever buy the house. It would seem that this is a sad story. The daughter gets the house, the jolly looking old man is kicked out on the street, and the world gets a little more depressing.

But wait! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. With the help of Jaclyn Fraley, his grand daughter, John Potter has set up a donations account at gofundme.com. The account looks to raise $125,000 so that Potter would get to live out the rest of the days in the home he built with his own hands. And as of this morning the total amount raised is $127,845.

Jaclyn Fraley made a comment on the site where she stated…

“I just woke up to our goal being reached! Dreams really only do come true when you wake up! I can’t wait to call Grandpa later this morning and share the news. Thank you all! Those words seem so shallow compared to what I feel. All of your hearts reaching out to him is such an amazing gift. We love you all! Thank you!!!!!!”

It would appear that there is a happy ending here after all.  Every once in a while I get to write on some happy stories. I’m glad this one turned out well.

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  1. I can’t help but make this correction: it is “The Power of Attorney” not eternity.
    Additionally, I agree. It is indeed a very gruesome act and I would not want to have a family member like that any day.

  2. I have followed this story from the beginning and considering all the “terrible”news every single day it is refreshing that this story hopefully does indeed have a “happy” ending. His evil daughter made me furious and in the end all anyone wanted was for “Grandpa John” Potter to be able to live the rest of his life in “his” house. I am a true believer that “Karma” does exist…

  3. All he wanted was to live out his life in his own home. I don’t think he cares who gets the money.

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