Home Scandal and Gossip Amanda Bynes reckons her bong was just a vase.

Amanda Bynes reckons her bong was just a vase.

Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes is always a preferred hawt bixch.

Amanda Bynes arrested after throwing bong out window. Taken to psychiatric hospital…

Hmm, in the ongoing adventures of ‘my name is Amanda Bynes and unfortunately bixch yours is not’ our collective heroine momentarily ago just had the pleasure of appearing in front of the judge where she told in all earnestness that her bong wasn’t really a bong but really a vase. A vase where she waters her self contempt to infinity.

The judge scheduled Amanda Bynes to return to court in July before summarily releasing her into the solar plexus of her existential ennui…

Because if Amanda Bynes wants to smoke the good shit of redemption and pretend it’s all just a pretty cache of spring flowers who are we to decline the merry go round…?

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