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Oh really? McDonald’s will only hire you to be a cashier if you have a degree…



Mcdonald’s at Winchedon, Massachusetts

Oh really? McDonald’s now denies you need a college degree to run a cash till…

Talk about a rough economy but in a sign of how rough things actually are, Mcdonald’s affiliates in Massachusetts are now demanding that potential hires must now must come armed with a bachelors degree.

The bane of high school drop outs who could almost always count on attaining a post with the fast food conglomerate, one local Massachusetts outlet in the town of Winchedon is demanding that only college graduates need apply for a recent job opening as a full time cashier. I know the slurpy is taking a moment to settle down my throat too…

But it gets better, not only is the outlet demanding that one come with a bachelors degree it also insists one also come armed with one to two years cashier experience.

Boasts the outlet’s ad incredulously: ‘Get a weekly paycheck with a side order of food, folks and fun,’

In the ad, uploaded onjobdiagnosis.com, the restaurant says it wants ‘friendly people… to smile while serving lots of guests daily,’ and declares ‘work with your friends or make some new ones!’

While it may be tricky to score the clearly competitive role, it’ll be worth it, tells the chain.

The post goes on to tell that the successful applicant will receive a chance to work their way up the corporate ladder. The starting position is advertised to start at $10 an hour.

Tells a recent report via  The Washington Examiner, underscoring the unenviable job market for youths and recent college degree holders, youth unemployment is now at an all time high of 11.5 percent.

Isn’t it good to know that your $20 000 a year bachelor’s degree will finally be enough to land you a post toiling behind a fast food cash counter…?

And then there was this comment I came across on the web that made me wonder as well:

It’s disgusting to make a frivolous demand such as a bachelors degree in order to hold down an menial job. Not only does it cheapen the investment of time and money of the college graduate, but it places this job out of the reach of hundreds of candidates who could easily occupy this position and do a wonderful job at it without any advanced degree at all.

I hope this McDonald’s fails to find ANYONE to do their job at the pittance they are offering. I also hope that they are publicly humiliated for the elitist gall they are showing in making such a ridiculous demand of their potential staff.

Yet one more reason on a VERY LONG LIST of why I won’t give a chain restaurant a dime of my money. Industrial “food” products. Bullied, underpaid staff. Little or no local implication in the community.   





  1. Did you know that working a full-time minimum wage job today STILL puts you below the poverty line and has since the 80s? Most people these days are only able to find minimum wage jobs because everywhere else requires experience (how are you supposed to GET experience if you can’t GET a job?) Having a brother who is 10 years older than me puts things into perspective. When he was my age he was a slacker who bounced around from job to job being fired or quitting, no college degree, barely graduated high school, yet has landed himself a career as a commercial truck driver. Me? Good track record at the ONE job i’ve managed to land, graduated with a 3.0 GPA, currently working on a Bachelor’s degree, yet i’ve applied to just as many if not more places than him and have still not managed to land a better job than the one I have right now (which is in fast food making minimum wage and barely enough to afford paying for my car).

    Don’t judge an entire generation you know NOTHING of just because you had it much easier.

  2. I think what he meant was that the parents of the younger generation of today had it easier by comparison when they were our age. I can attest, being 26 years old, that if anyone who graduated in or around ’08 has had a very difficult time finding a job, saving money, and trying to keep up with the ever-rising cost of living. Back then, there weren’t as many bills and things were cheaper by comparison. It really sucks to be a young adult today. It feels like no matter how hard you work, no matter how well you play the politics, you can never get your head above water. It is also pretty infuriating to hear someone who can not, does not, and will never relate to our generation, throw in their two cents as if you are superior because things were easier for you.

  3. Ryan thats because A) Their parents didn’t sit around making excuses for themselves and are not afraid to work. They are supposed to have it better than their freshly graduated child. B) The generation in or old enough to be in college today expect everything to be handed to them. Your generation is a spoiled generation that had everything handed to them. C) We are working longer because your generation has made it hard for us to retire at a younger age. The average young adult today will be on their parents health insurance until the age of 26. I was married for 4 years, had my two children, Provided for them and had excellent health care coverage for them by the time I was 26.

  4. I believe it. Not only is that sad, people with BA’s will apply. Young Adults with or without degrees have it much harder than their parents. Most of us with degrees are set up to fail or struggle. There are some grads that were able to get that niche Degree or high sought after degree and have jobs. Though of us that don’t have a hard time. 7-10 years ago if you got a degree you could find a decent job doing something. Now that isn’t the case and things keep getting backed up. Older people are working longer and Young Adults without good jobs keep on adding up.

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