Home Scandal and Gossip Hairstylists squabble over $9.5 million jackpot lottery.

Hairstylists squabble over $9.5 million jackpot lottery.

Christina Shaw
Christina Shaw
Christina Shaw

Is Christina Shaw letting on more than she knows?

A local Indiana court has the task of deciding who is the rightful winner of a $9.5 million jackpot lottery winnings after 7 local hairstylists pooled in their resources to buy the winning ticket. Except one of the hairstylists, Christina Shaw is now arguing she bought the winning ticket outside of the pool and therefore she should be able to keep the February 16 Hoosier Lotto winnings to herself.

The women – save Shaw – appeared in court Wednesday, testifying that Shaw bought the ticket at the same time and place she bought those for the pool – something they said they had all agreed not to do.

Tells Lucy Lewis Johnston, who owns Lou’s Creative Styles, said buying a personal ticket with pool tickets would make it impossible ‘to determine which was whose ticket.’ 

Hairstylist Linda Sue Stewart said that’s why they had all agreed that any such tickets ‘were all considered part of the pool.’

The UK’s dailymail goes on to note that current and former salon employees all testified to the agreement and said all of the women who played the lottery – including Shaw – knew the rules.

Told Attorney Scott Montross, who represents the hairstylists fighting for a share of the prize:

‘They’re disappointed that it came to this. They’re much more disappointed than they are angry.’

And then there was sensible reflection on the web that caught my eye too:

Always, always, always….when ever there is a lottery pool, or gambling pool of any kind, make copies for all included of tickets purchased ahead of time and make sure all have their own copy. Meanwhile, the tickets purchased should be locked away in a safe place. Done this way, no harm done, everyone is satisfied.