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Aldon James, former National Arts Club president sues hardware store for locking him out.

Aldon James
Aldon James
Aldon James is also a preferred hawt bixch.

High society is becoming a smidgen ugly…

It seems the recent fracas that saw Aldon James, the former two decade president of the National Arts Club ousted has now reached a new impasse with reports this morning that Mr James is now suing a local hardware store (Warshaw Gramercy East Hardware) for changing the locks of his on site boudoir and thus forcing his much anticipated exit.

Tells dna: Former National Arts Club President O. Aldon James is suing a mom-and-pop hardware store for changing the locks to his apartments in the club’s Gramercy Park mansion during a battle over control of the club that led to his ouster.

Yummy right? One could never have imagined it going to such levels but then again it seems there is a lot at stake and a smidgen of seething resentment that has finally reached boiling point.

The fracas with respect to Mr James began amidst accusations last year that Mr James had allegedly misused club funds, charged below-market rent to himself, his twin brother and a friend, and using several of the club’s apartments to horde junk. Hmm, do you think kids?

And this is what Mr James’ $10 million lawsuit (yes I know, nice and frothy…) also includes too:

The suit claims that the club’s current president, Dianne Bernhard, did not seek James’ permission before hiring the hardware store to break his apartments’ locks, remove his property, and replace the locks while he was out. As a result, the lawsuit claims, all of the evidence James needs to defend himself against an ongoing case brought by the state Attorney General was destroyed.

Tell me Dianne did not break any laws? Or maybe she didn’t? Maybe she found a clever loophole? Or maybe she was pressured to take action? Or maybe she’s just a mean tough bixch? Or maybe she was just finally fed up with Mr James who may or may not attempted to reconcile with the board for perceived/actual transgressions.

Continues dna: The Attorney General is currently suing James for allegedly using club funds to line his own pockets. The Manhattan District Attorney had also investigated James, but declined to bring criminal charges against him.

But things were ugly. Purportedly so much stash was hauled out of Mr James’ apartment that dumpsters had to be brought to haul it away. Kids is this society playing nice? What’s a good sip of the good shit with some effort at diplomacy and manners? Hmm, maybe society is bereft of manners after all? Could that be true Dianne?

And then there’s this too to make you search for another whiff of the good stuff:

That included evidence such as “copies of papers, receipts, credit card records, and other financial records relating to Aldon James’ activities on behalf of the Club; paintings, antiques and decorations owned by Aldon James and on loan to the Club; 25 years’ worth of day planners showing Aldon James’ activities on the Club’s behalf,” and other items, said the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Feb. 21.

“Defendants concede that they kept no records whatsoever of the 21 large construction dumpsters filled with Plaintiff’s property that they destroyed,” the lawsuit states. “These destroyed records were essential to Aldon James’ defense of multi-million dollar damage suits against him by both the Attorney General and the Club.”

From what it appeared the National Arts Club has taken the position that it has spent upwards of a half a million dollars defending itself against what it perceives to be meritless claims against it. See Mr James knows how to get even and now of course so does Dianne…Of course the question now is did she do it legally or not?

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Aldon James of the National Art Council
Aldon James of the National Art Council


  1. If the legal system wasn’t for sale Aldon would have been defending himself from criminal charges a long time ago. He would never have been allowed to vengefully sue, the Club and individual board members and now the uninvolved owners of a small hardware store. A small army of lawyers and a total disregard for others is the only explanation How can Aldon’s word to be taken that not only did he keep records that prove he wasn’t stealing the Club’s money when he intentionally makes provably false intentional statements that are damning to other people ( like that his documents were stolen and destroyed to frame him) while claiming his innocence to the court? Why hasn’t the IRS come after him for perjuring himself on decades of tax forms much to his personal benefit? Why oh why has he not been charged with perjury that he committed during the civil proceedings that he instigated (only after he had been caught for 25 years of calculated misdeeds and cover up)? Is that not a Crime Mr. Vance? Why has the DA decided not to pursue criminal charges? He’s used these perjured statements and accusations to keep wasting tax payer money and now to sue the owner of a small hardware store for 10 million dollars. This sort of abuse should not be allowed to take place. Our public servants are continuing to fail to protect us from people like Aldon whose intention for over 25 years was to steal, live off of others and now to lash out and harm anyone he can. If there is any integrity to our legal system he will be called out for what any five year old knows is unacceptable and down right shameful behavior.Otherwise he bought the right to steal, slander, lie under oath, and vindictively sue so as to be paid for his decades long crime spree.

    Aldon, these records you allege would have shown your spending of the Club’s money to be above board never existed, so no one stole and destroyed them to make it look like you did horrible things for an extended period of time. You in fact did and do continue to do horrible things and maybe you should stop suing people for justifiably and appropriately minimizing your ability to do as much harm as you seem to desire to do. Our society and criminal justice system says you can’t do that right?

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