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Woman who punched Walmart greeter for asking to see receipt is jailed for 5 years.

Jacquetta Simmons
Jacquetta Simmons
Jacquetta Simmons
Jacquetta Simmons

A 27 year old woman, Jacquetta Simmons, has been sentenced to 5 years incarceration after she was found guilty of assaulting a 70 year old Walmart greeter which resulted in the side of her face been fractured. The assault came after the elderly woman, Grace Suozzi asked to see a receipt for merchandize she was carrying out of the store as is mandated by store policy.

The incident is said to have happened last Christmas Eve when Simmons was picking up some last minute gifts. Unlike most people who wearily do as they are told and produce a receipt for purchases on the way out, Simmons took the request quite personally (perhaps cause it felt like she was being accused of stealing, which is never a pleasant feeling for anybody but alas this is what many stores have resorted to to keep a track of their inventory) and punched the woman in the face before fleeing the store.

The question ought to also be raised is whether Simmons was reacting to the stigma of being racially profiled given the negative history of Walmarts with respect to incidents where minorities have been singled out and humiliated.

Seeing what had happened, employees and customers rushed to detain Simmons who was later arrested.

Jacquetta Simmons
Jacquetta Simmons
Grace Suozzi
Grace Suozzi

Then there’s this via the UK’s dailymail:

In court Simmons said she was sorry for the incident that injured Grace Suozzi on Christmas Eve in 2011, but the judge and prosecutor Larry Friedman say Simmons hardly seems sorry.

‘She absolutely did not accept any responsibility for what she did,’ Mr Friedman said.

Since the incident Suozzi has experienced trauma and has found herself often unable to leave the house. Until the injury she had sustained, Suozzi claims she had relied on the Walmart job to pay her bills and is now struggling.

Offered Suozzi in court: ‘What she has taken away is irreplaceable, she has taken away my independence…she has taken away my joy and replaced it with trauma.”

Simmons attorney says they will appeal the conviction, insisting that the sentence too severe and that their client had not meant to punch the woman intentionally but had only ‘inadvertently’ jerked her arm.



  1. If you have something electronic and larger than a breadbox, you get stopped – I don’t even put the reciept away – I head right for the greeter, show my reciept and get going – it takes about 10 seconds.

  2. …where minorities have been singled out and humiliated?

    Oh, puleez. You mean “sensibly subjected to extra scrutiny due to minority over-representation in shoplifting crimes.”

  3. college educated?!# Are you kidding me!!!! Oh God we are in such trouble. Interesting that her intelligence”failed” her. KNOWING that an expression of remorse would effect sentencing in her favor, she did not even possess the good sense to extrapolate ON HER OWN DENIAL, and at least make an attempt at deceiving everyone into believing that she acknowledged wrong doing. Remorse is so foreign to an ugly heart. May God have mercy on America. We are lost.

  4. Glad to see people around the incident detained this sub species long enough to get her arrested. 5 years sentence will only keep her in for 1 or 2. I don’t know if remorse is possible with an IQ less than 85. Studies have shown violence is the hallmark of IQ in the 70 to 90 range.

  5. bwhahahaha typical degenerate black culture…race card means you can punch whitey and rob and steal lmfao!!so soon blacks will be punching out BJ,s workers checking the receipts..weeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeee go obama go you da man obama you and your people yo yo yo….wait get ERIC”NOT MY PEOPLE” HOLDER weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee forward comrades forward…

  6. They’ve been asking for receipts since the 80’s, of anyone. I try to avoid that store, but can attest to the greeter stopping to check purchase against the receipt. Not new, not unusual. This isn’t profiling, and any suggestion that the attacker felt victimized due to her personal circumstances is rather lame. Sounds more like the stress of last-minute shopping combined with a bad attitude.

    “Simmons attorney says they will appeal the conviction, insisting that
    the sentence too severe and that their client had not meant to punch the
    woman intentionally but had only ‘inadvertently’ jerked her arm.”


  7. She honestly should have gotten more time. It is not racial profiling to ask people to see their receipt before leaving the store. I usually just have mine ready in case they need to see it. I am white, and sometimes the greeter is black, and I have never before thought to react in a violent way to someone who is only doing her job. Stupid woman gets to spend a lot of time learning from this, or just letting her hatred fester.

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