Home Pop Culture Video of substitute teacher being bullied by students goes viral.

Video of substitute teacher being bullied by students goes viral.

Substitute teacher being bullied.
Substitute teacher being bullied.
Substitute teacher being bullied.
Substitute teacher being bullied.

It has to be a teacher’s nightmare, having to deal with rambunctious pupils who refuse to behave or be civil in class. That said one teacher has had to endure demeaning taunts courtesy of a group of school children who went out of their way to bully her. In fact not only did they bully her with their attitude, a video making the rounds shows in fact she was widely heckled in class and even flicked in the face if you can believe that.

Reports the UK’s dailymail: Standing before the applauding laughter of her students, the substitute teacher in Baltimore, Maryland appears half the size of two girls who approach her while throwing items and flicking her face.

The video taken two weeks ago via a student’s cell phone has now led to the confirmation that the incident took place at Digital Harbor High.

Despite muffled audio, the unidentified teacher can be heard threatening the students with suspension after asking them to stop.

One student says ‘shut up, b***h,’ to the laughter of the class.

Reflected Marietta English, the head of Baltimore’s teachers union to ABC2:

‘I think it happens every day,’

‘We ask teachers to file a complaint with us. Fill out the forms so we can keep our own records, but we just believe it happens every day and in some schools, somewhere,’ 

To date the teacher involved has not filed a criminal case against the students as has been recommended by Ms English, nevertheless she did report it to the school’s administration.

Since then one student has been disciplined. How exactly has yet to be revealed.

Reflect a variety of commentators on the web:


The student needs to be charged with physical assault. If the teacher doesnt file on her own, the District Attorney can file charges without her, using the video as evidence. Adding the word “white” makes this a Hate Crime. This would be why I changed my college major from Education to Psychology, there is no way I would be in a classroom with todays children, at any age.


This is very typical and not surprising to me at all. For years I drove to a fairly depressed and unsafe area of the city for work, and was always amazed at the utter lack of respect some of these kids have to other humans in general.

Why does the colour of this person have to come into people¿s comments!!! It doesn’t matter what colour the girl is, it is what she is doing and it is wrong!!!! Her parents should watch this and be disgusted at what she is doing and discipline her…..


An argument for cameras in the classroom, perhaps even in the cafeteria and on the playground. How else are school administrators supposed to sort out the bullies from the victims?


Back to basics. Corporal Punishment, at a young age. Expulsion, for older youths. If they do not recieve an education because of attitude or behavioral issues, don’t blame the teacher, blame the parents. The Parent made the decision the create the “child”. The Parent must take responsibility for the rearing of the child. Period! It’s not up to the system to raise the children of people incapable of creating a member of society.


Why stop there? We could cut the hands off of kids who refuse to eat their vegetables and whip the kids who don’t say please and thank you!


Obama kids…………..grew up to be just like their parents…… 


Wow, you are just as ignorant and uneducated as the girl doing the bullying.


This is not about Obama!! You think this child cares about politics? No they are brought up with street fighting as a norm and with no accountability at home from parents. She probably bullies more than just this poor substitute teacher who is probably an Obama democrat anyway. Your argument is full of mis-statements and falsehoods.


The sad part about this is the fact that these kids parents could care less. They did not start this behavior over night and Lord forbid the teacher should say anything to these kids. They could not pay me enough money to put up with this.


No wonder teachers don’t want to teach anymore. Too stressful.