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Jeff Goldblum can resume his life now that his female stalker is arrested.

Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum

Seems being an action packed Hollywood heart throb comes with some peril after all. Case in point, 60 year old actor and still delicious eye candy (I know I’m licking the sticky wet juices off my fingers too) Jeff Goldblum who has found himself on the heels of a relentless female stalker who just wouldn’t give up.

tmz: The woman Jeff Goldblum claims has been harassing him for more than 10 years showed up at a theater where the actor was performing last night and was swiftly arrested for violating a restraining order … TMZ has learned. 

As TMZ previously reported, Goldblum scored a three-year restraining order against Linda Ransom back in June. Goldblum had claimed that Ransom constantly followed him in public, showed up at his house uninvited, and appeared on multiple occasions at his stage performances in NYC and L.A.

Kids this shit sounds hairy if you ask me. Personally I would have sat down Linda and explained to her that shit is off limits but if she behaved herself I’d be happy to throw her the occasional movie preview/theater invite or better still a hand made picture card with all my favorite thoughts every Christmas.

Then again who’s to say Linda wouldn’t come back with a loaded baseball bat and smash it against poor Jeff’s face? Really, Jeff can’t help it if he his the perennial hawt bixch can’t always love his stalkers back as much as they love him.

And then there’s this report courtesy of the UK’s dailymail: Court filings state that Ransom has been arrested three times for violating previous restraining orders.

Goldblum first alerted authorities to her in 2001 after she attended one of his acting classes and then started waiting outside his home.

‘Over the past decade, I have experienced substantial emotional distress due to Ms. Ransom’s continuous stalking, harassing, and threatening behavior,’ Goldblum wrote in a sworn court declaration.

‘I am frightened of Ms. Ransom and feel she poses a serious threat to my personal safety,’ he added.

Oh dear if only fans, stalkers and nut jobs exercised a measure of discretion and understood that their on screen heroes are not who they think they are in real life. Never mind Linda, there’s always another up and coming Hollywood heart throb to fixate yourself with….