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Ivy league consultant falls 30 stories to her death. Suicide?

Stephanie Becker
Stephanie Becker

With everything to live for it is now being reported that 28 year old ivy league educated Stephanie Becker has died as a result of having fallen out of a window of a 30 storey luxury high NYC Chelsea apartment block. What at present remains to be resolved is whether the young woman’s death was accidental, the result of foul play or just a sudden desire to end it all?

What is understood at present is the young woman did not leave a note prior to her fall which would connote an intention to end her life. Another hint as to the state of mind of Ms Becker is the fact that she had a reasonable following on Facebook with 1507 individuals listed as her friends, but that unto itself wouldn’t necessarily intimate that she savored such a following or the notion that only ‘lonely’ people jump to their deaths.

That said she did post the following Facebook message on her wall:

‘I chew gum louder than you talk. But don’t ask me to quiet down. I am NO negative nancy (sic). I roll with the punches.’

Adds the nypost: While she was in college, Becker worked for a few months at CNN. She was hired at IBM after she graduated in 2006, and earned her MBA while she was employed there.

At work, Becker was an expert in advertising on video games, and co-authored a 2008 article on the subject in AdWeek.

Who can really know what may have prompted Ms Becker’s untimely death, but at least on the surface it appears she had everything to live for unless that somehow was an illusion or a momentary reflection of despair overwhelmed her as does all of us at times leading her to take an unreversible course…if only she had reached out to one of those friends on facebook.

Ms Becker fell 30 storeys from the high-rise in Chelsea, landing outside the building's fifth floor gym


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