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Terry Williams scheduled to be executed October 3. But should he be?

Execution chamber.
Execution chamber.

The public cries for a re-sentencing as Terry Williams of Pennsylvania comes forward with claims of brutal rape after being sentenced to death for killing two men in 1984.

According to Williams his victims, one man a church leader, Amos Norwood and another a sports booster, Herbert Hamilton, repeatedly molested and raped him along with other boys for years. Williams also came forward with statements of abuse from his mother and older men beginning when he was just six years old.

Many are arguing that the amount of distress such a traumatizing childhood experience brought on could of been enough to alter his mental state, and he therefore should not be put to death for his crimes but instead given life without parole.

The question of why Williams never came forward is under consideration and skeptics believe he may be fabricating the events as an attempt to save his life. But regardless of the validity behind his claims the point remains that Williams never came forward with this information, which he had every possibility and chance to do. These victims should of paid for their crimes the same way the rest of us do if we commit a vicious crime or act of violence…behind bars. It is not up to Williams to play batman vigilante and take matters into his own hands, unfortunately for him that is not how our society works.

As heartbreaking as Terrence Williams story is he is a free thinking, grown, capable man who made a decision. He chose to kill instead of turn these men in and for that he must pay his own price with his life.

At present Terry Williams is scheduled to be executed on October 3rd. He would be the first person in 50 years to be put to death in the state of Pennsylvania while still fighting his sentence, which does raise moral concerns. It is yet to be seen whether a stay of execution will be issued.



  1. Your logic is pathetic. And I bet, if either of the men who raped him as a boy had been caught in the act and killed by angry parents (as recently happened in Texas) , you and the hordes now calling for the death penalty would think that was just fine. The point is not that he should have killed his abusers. Of course not. But years of rape and abuse by predators does NOT leave you whole and reasonable and always able to make good choices and decisions. This guy should spend the rest of his life in prison because he’s not capable of controlling himself. But his rapists shaped him. They thought they were just abusing a kid, but really they were sharpening a knife.

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