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Now it’s Joey Buttafuoco’s turn to write a ‘tell all’ memoir.

Joey Buttafuoco is also a preferred hawt bixch
Joey Buttafuoco is also a preferred hawt bixch

Seems everyone is desperate to find closure from some gory saga in their lives over 20 years. Case in point, Joey Buttafuoco, a has been guide who happened to be having an affair behind his wife’s back in the early 90’s before his pubescent squeeze, Amy Fisher lost the plot and attempted to blow away Joey’s wife (yes I would do anything for Joey too, just look at that lovable mug above), Mary Jo Buttafuoco.

Twenty years on and it still occurs to Joey that we somehow still care about middle class suburban malaise and the torture of love that was suppose to come whole with marriage but instead reared itself via adulterous affairs.

Unlike his ex wife who came out with her ‘tell all,” memoir in 2009, Joey promises to leave nothing out and to let us all in on a side of his character that Mary Jo couldn’t have really appreciated.

Says our hero Joey:

‘Mary’s book “angry account of an ex-wife who pieced together her own vision of why things happened. [She] had no knowledge of my life away from home.”

Oh please tell Joey. We can hardly wait to find out who the real you are.

Are you ready for the untold story? Joey Buttafuoco, Amy Fisher and Mary Jo Buttafuoco

And why is Joey suddenly coming out with the book after all these years?

Bixch needs all the money he can get.

tmz: Buttafuoco tells TMZ the reason he’s coming forward after so many years is due to a recent brush with death. He believes it’s time to “clean the slate” and finally move on with his life — aptly titling the memoir, “Closure.”

Joey tells us, “Everyone thinks they know [the story] but they really don’t.”

Hmm, isn’t it time you nestled into a homely story of a suburban marriage that went disastrously wrong and relive once and for all that spring of 1992 where your waking hour was consumed with did Joey get his cock sucked right?

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