Home Fashion German women’s fashion magazine Brigitte to reverse its ‘no model’s’ policy.

German women’s fashion magazine Brigitte to reverse its ‘no model’s’ policy.

German women's magazine Brigitte
German women's magazine Brigitte

Trying to understand that there is more than one standard of beauty…

At the time it may have been a good idea,and it was widely applauded but 3 years on and one of Germany’s most popular woman’s magazine, Brigitte is reconsidering its policy of only featuring non models in its editorials.

Reiterated a spokeswoman for Gruner + Jahr publishing house, and it’s new editor in chief, Stephan Schaefer: “Everything is under review, including the ‘no models’ policy,”

Adds the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung: “….there are a few reasons why the magazine might go back on its “real women” promise. One is that said “real women” were harder for photographers and stylists to work with, as well as to find — it costs extra to hire non-model models without the help of agencies. Another is that the “no model” policy — which now seems like it was little more than a publicity ploy — didn’t boost sales.”

Then there was the argument made by many readers as well: “….many readers complained that while the women in the pages of Brigitte may not be models, they tended to be as thin and pretty as the professionals and the magazine continued to prominently feature diet tips.”

That said there might be other reasons why the non models policy failed to inspire readership, the simple fact that people prefer to look at other beautiful people and that as much as a journal strives for equanimity amongst its readers the reality is that readers will value beauty and aesthetics, something that non models can not always pull off, despite the fact that there are some very photogenic, charismatic souls out there who don’t happen to sell images of themselves professionally.

Then there was this perceptive comment via one of the readers over at jezebel:

Models are real people too and for the most part have the same unique features that others could possess. The problem is that people always think of models as tall and thin, which most are because that is what the current industry demands. As a whole consumer base, the US throws money behind companies and they think they’re doing something right by hiring tall, thin people. No one raises a fuss.

Companies should start to hire a more diverse cast of talent – tall/short, thin/average/heavy, black/white/asian/india/every other race, long hair/short hair, you get the idea.

Models aren’t to blame, its the type that is the issue.