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Video: Oh look! Courtney Stodden challenges Kate Upton in a bikini dance off…

Courtney Stodden wants to show you which way is up...

It’s time to see who can make you gush more. Courtney I don’t want to be left out of the parade Stodden or Kate is it really that jiggly Upton?

Kids, I think it would be too much to ask Courtney to dance off to Kate’s Cat Daddy theme (of course Courtney is infinitely more imaginative when it comes to provocative dance tunes) but that said Courtney definitely gives Kate Uppity a run for the money with this gut wrenching ass jiggling performance set to a 1970’s inspired disco mix (see kids you don’t even have to be born in the 70’s anymore to understand what the 70’s was really about)

The moral of the lesson? If you’re a halfway washed up trashy 17 year old looking provocateur you might make a few youtube ad dollars dancing half naked too. Then again Courtney is only giving America what it desperately wants; another near naked girl to fornicate over.

ps: Of course I was only paying attention to the plant off to the right hand side….

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