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Oh my! How celebrities would look like ten years into the future with the ‘Drinking machine.’

Had a bit too much to drink Angelina?
Had a bit too much to drink Angelina?

Kids have you ever wondered how your favorite media whore celebrity would look ten years into the future if they became solid committed alcoholics? I know I have. In fact I know I have wondered about myself, but that’s another article. That said a new phone app that has just hit the market now allows one to install pictures of their favorite celebs and see for themselves.

Called the ‘Drinking Machine,’ the app, as designed by forensic artist Auriole Price gives a stinging indictment as to the perils of out of control drinking. And as you are about to see the results aren’t too complementary.

The app itself was initially designed for a Scottish government health drive and can be acquired on itunes or by going here.

Offered Auriole: ‘The main aim is to shock people into drinking just a little bit less. ‘We are appealing to people’s vanity as the effects of alcohol can include red, broken veins on the cheeks, bloodshot eyes, a bloated face and deeper wrinkles.’

That said here are some images that I plucked courtesy of the dailymail (they have other images I didn’t dare contend with) where one can observe for themselves the full effects of the committed drinker. A few surprises are in store…

As one can see with Angelina gone are the razor sharp cheekbones, and in are the red splotchy eyeballs, the hardening of her new found jowls (sorry Angelina, I'm puking with you too), in are the haggard lines around her splotchy face and for good measure hello to a few slivers of extra flesh around the chin. Something that our hero Brad Pitt might not like too much as Angelina sets to her morning scotch.
Then there's Madonna. To be sure Madonna doesn't look to be holding her drink too well either.In are the bloodshot eyes, the varicose veins around her nose and eyes and making an appearance are unsightly forehead wrinkles. Surely the above image is enough to make Madge go out and run 14 miles forthwith!
David Beckham. Kids I have to be honest. I kind of like David as an alcoholic. Not quite boyish good looking anymore (at last!) but still ruggedly handsome in a disheveled way. Although he might take some getting used to for Victoria, I think within time David will come to own this new image of himself and be happy he finally gave up the sit ups and finally committed to the complete abolition of self. Betting this bixch will age gracefully with a touch of rouge in the cheeks.
Last but least- Ronnie Wood. Kids I have got to say of the bat I have spent the last ten minutes looking at the before and after pictures and I really can't tell much of a difference. Then again that oughtn't surprise us as Ronnie is a seasoned alcoholic and drug addict who has spent almost 70 years perfecting the effortless elan of a chain smoking Scotch drinking pill popping artiste. If I could say one thing, drinking less for Ronnie might actually in his case take away from his looks. Never mind Ronnie. Scallywag still adores you...


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