Home Pop Culture Graphic images: China forces 7 month pregnant woman to have an abortion.

Graphic images: China forces 7 month pregnant woman to have an abortion.

Chinese pregnant woman forced to have an abortion.
Chinese pregnant woman forced to have an abortion.

China suspends officials who forced 7 month pregnant woman to have abortion

Breached one child policy.

It seems authorities in China are adamant about maintaining their policy about family’s only having one child in an attempt to keep their burgeoning population (1.3 billion) under wraps.

In what is now causing some degree of consternation, images of a Chinese mother lying next to her aborted foetus have surfaced after the mother, Feng Jianmei was forced to abort her pregnancy after failing to come up with a $4000 fine for carrying a second child.

dailymail.co.uk: She said no less than 20 staff from the family planning department came to her home and placed her under arrest.

As they drove her to the hospital for a forced abortion, she began to resist – resulting in her being beaten.

At the hospital she was restrained and given an injection that would be lethal to the foetus. None of her family was allowed to be present during the traumatic time, she said.

Feng said that her father-in-law heard about her being taken away but when he rushed to the hospital he was prevented from entering the obstetrics ward.

At present the actions of authorities have led to world wide condemnations, including the vehement objections of Chinese anti abortion groups whilst authorities have strenuously gone on to deny Feng Jianmen’s assessment of events.

Instead they have argued that the mother in fact agreed to the abortion and was never forced into having one.

Offered Chai Ling, head of the US based rights group All Girls allowed:

“Feng Jianmei’s story demonstrates how the one-child policy continues to sanction violence against women.”

At present local authorities have set up a special committee to be headed by senior officials to white wash investigate the matter.

via thestandard.com.hk

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  1. Really its a horrific n butcher style. There should be another solution. If someone has a life then they r killing. Do precautions before having…..i’m really thankful to be a Muslim. Its all because of illiteracy n far from Allah. “Might is right” was the old version.

  2. Bloody commie murderers. They’d be judged in Hell!
    It’s such a miscarriage of social justice.
    If you could afford the money,you could buy life!
    -where’s the truth of tenets of communism practice
    that says that all citizens are equal.
    All’re equal-yes,but apparently,some can be more equal than others!
    It makes me sick.

  3. This is a communist country. This is what the communists are trying to do to this country. So sad for this young mother, and the poor defenseless baby.

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