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Andrew Garfield is the new ‘conflicted’ Spiderman.

Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield, Thursday morning's preferred hawt bixch.
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield, Thursday morning's preferred hawt bixch.

It’s time to salivate over Thursday morning’s modest preferred hawt bixch, Andrew Garfield, Spiderman’s new existentially tinged Peter Parker.

Making a feature on God VMan magazine, Garfield comes clean about going from local trailer park hawt bixch to international trailer park hawt bixch.

The Social Network star and soon to be new face of Spider Man relents on the difficulty of coming to terms with the fame he will most certainly acquire when he hits the big screen in that tight squeaky suit. He’s so scared guys.

VMan“Right now I have a host of fears that I’m contending with on a minute-to-minute basis.”

New Spidey also commented on the existing distance between celebs like his future self and us mere mortals:

‘There’s sometimes that separation that happens: There’s a wall that goes up between people in the public eye – actors, musicians, politicians – and the public.

‘What I’d love is for Spider-Man fans to be…I like the idea of everyone being one, because you were the guy in the suit and now I’m the guy in the suit and there’ll be another guy in the suit later down the line.

‘The whole celebrity myth is very new and interesting to me, whether one can just be an actor and also be in one of these roles.’

Wow Andrew. This kind of talk gives me the urge to light up on the campus gardens after psych 101. Who knew a hippie lived behind that pout?

Maybe you can change the world Andrew. Maybe you can be the ambassador between us normals and you superstars. I just hope your “wall” doesn’t go up in protection mode as a reaction to the screaming, scratching and clawing girls and fans that will most likely scour your existence. What a travesty.

Salivating in my imagination for a whiff of this hawt bixch.
Andrew Garfield
Daydreaming sweet lust