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Video: Paris Hilton punishes tv reporter for being asked about waning fame.

Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton: Please if you are a journalist you must only keep to the script and avoid asking me questions that I nor my publicist approve of….

Looks like our favorite hotel heiress got a little hot under the collar over the weekend when an Australian reporter Edwina Bartholmew on assignment for Channel 7’s ‘Sunrise’ show went a little too close for comfort during an interview championing the heiress’ involvement with new Sydney nightclub- Marquee.

There to promote the American club on Australian shores and one assumes by proximity herself as well, the heiress had agreed to an interview with the widely watched ‘Sunrise’ show.

But not all went as planned. During the interview Bartholmew asked: ‘What about when you’re not famous anymore, what are you going to do?’

Hilton ever so politely grit her teeth and wished death spells on the reporter who by now was probably getting off on her own bum rush before turning to her with her teeth still firmly clamped, and ever so nonchalantly replied: ‘….just wants to be able to have children and have a normal life with my kids,’

Of course the word normal and Paris Hilton have never coincided. And one assumes the reporter was only trying to instigate her interviewee to see how she’d respond about certain things that have been widely understood is a no go zone with Hilton’s pr team (asking about her fame whore competitor Kim Kardashian is generally understood to be a big no no as well)  Of course part of the fun about being a journalist, as I can personally attest is going against the wishes of a publicist’s script and getting to the nitty gritty.

Paris Hilton and Edwina Bartholmew

Nevertheless after the interview, Hilton’s publicist had a major hissy fit and started imposing ultimatums on the channel, that if they dared broadcast the entire interview as was them bixches would be disinvited to the parties of parties that Friday night at new club Marquee. Worse, threatened Hilton’s pr crew, Channel 7 would be forever barred from ever interviewing the fame whore ever again. Of course that only pissed off Bartholmew who was by rights not about to have a two bit pony shallow society dilettante with grandpa’s money shoved up her spine and then some to tell her what to do.

Instead of chopping the segment out, the network made it the focal point of their story, in essence exposing the heiress as a false facade bent on exposing her shallow dribble as some sort of real deal, something one assumes a reality star/fame whore should be open to exploring if one comes to the honest appreciation that Ms Hilton isn’t being adulated for anything more substantial.

Sensing negative fall out as a result of trying to muscle out a journalist, the heiress had a ‘sudden’ change of heart and re invited Bartholmew back to her shin ding. Of course the reporter’s reaction to being re invited was only too priceless:

‘For those who give two hoots, yes, Paris did (re)invite me tonight. No, I won’t be going. Off on a road trip to a mate’s wedding in Cooma!’ 

To which this scoundrel can only reply: Ms Bartholmew you have a committed fan for the rest of your life!