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So why are men and women up and arms with Ashley Judd’s ‘puffy’ face?

Ashley Judd.
Ashley Judd. Image via jezebel

Ashley Judd would like to tell all you misogynists to take a leaping jump back to wherever you came from…

Ashley Judd wrote a fantastic article about the adversity women are forced to overcome because of societal expectations that have been placed on us for ages. An inspirational diatribe about how we females are the guiltiest culprits in the game of verbal violence based solely on appearance. To sum up a fantastically-written article which can be found HERE) Judd reciprocates her venomous hecklers with some good, old fashioned “you-oughta-be-ashamed-of-yourself” scolding. It was insightful, and used just enough essay words so that you knew she was well-read, but not too many so as to look contrived.

I can imagine Ashley, hunched over a hand-carved mahogany desk, draped in a cashmere robe and wearing diamonds just because she can, scribbling this heart-wrenching lament through tears and clenched teeth. Looking up from her heart, poured on the page, only to thank the nanny for refilling the hot water of her tea. The righteous desire to share her plight of public scrutiny and false accusations with other women, in hopes of empowering them and ceasing this rack-on-rack verbal violence once and for all. .

Judd wrote what some journalists are calling a “feminist essay” following a spray of media scrutiny over the sudden puffiness of her face. Some said she had work done, others said she had botched work done, either way people were talking Judd-face! And to this, she responded with this poetic plea for all of us to leave her alone, for she is sick and is forced to take steroids to combat what ails her. How dare we!

But Ashley, I have a question.  I was wondering where your feminist ideals and your “judge me not by how I look” war cries were when you were being revered in the media as a beautiful face? Honestly, how much do we really know for sure about celebrities outside of how well they can pull a character off and how good looking they are? In short, Ash, you seemed to be fine with the conversations that were “pointedly nasty, gendered, and misogynistic” when you were on the pretty side of the coin.

Guess what Juddster, ya got old. Whether it was steroids or a lifetime of partying, your face headed south for the winter, and forever. And because you’ve made a large part of your living due to that very factor, people are going to notice the change. You relished in a life of basking in the public eye, and unfortunately all good things must come to an end. The public is made up of a bunch of assholes contentious pundits. Everyone talks about everyone, everywhere, all the time. You have entered the era of your life where you are on the non-beneficial side of our sexist and misogynistic society, and you are at a loss for what to do.

So much for being held up to unattainable definitions of beauty and appearances (never mind that most men are usually let off this barometer of worthiness) Even an ordinarily glamorous woman has reason to gripe from time to time…

Great essay though!

Ashley Judd sans puffy face. Image via venus.provocateuse.com


  1. No one is asking why the media must waste precious resources and space covering such unimportant things.So, Ashley makes her living on television and promotes a few good causes on her own time. But will the history of the world unfold differently if her series is cancelled? No. So why do we continuously put her and other celebrities under constant scrutiny? These are parts of our society that are just pathetic.

    Some of these pop culture journalists are basically being paid to judge other people and the notion is that as a celebrity you are fair game for being judged by any twit who calls themselves a journalist or blogger.

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