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Nikki Grahame: Dying to be thin.

Nikki Grahame
Nikki Grahame. The scar on her stomach is the result of her being forced fed when she was 12.

A story of every one woman’s battle with self hate and trying to accommodate their her image to that thing perfect thing in society her mind…

To stay in shape, Nikki Grahame, much touted reality star of Big Brother  makes a point of exercising twice a day every day and keeping to a strict diet of 1200 calories a day. A bit excessive you may think (one can only imagine how many calories she burns toiling for that ‘perfect’ figure) but in Nikki’s case, a woman fraught with extreme anxiety about her appearances, her eating and exercising regiment are written in stone.

Said to be racked with guilt for even missing one exercise engagement the reality star even goes the extra distance of measuring her food on a weight scale to make sure she doesn’t cheat. But what you may want to know  is that in some way is that Nikki Grahame has been cheating herself all her life.

Her first foray into body image dysfunction came at the age of 12 when she succumbed to severe anorexia and was rushed to hospital where a tube was stuck in her stomach to force the food to stay (one supposes something wasn’t administered orally because Ms Grahame would find the temptation to purge it orally all too tempting).

Even though she’s recovered from that episode there are consequences to her still following a rigid mandate as the one described above. To keep her from fainting (which is what one does when they are deprived of food) Ms Grahame is forced to take large doses of caffeine pills. It also doesn’t help that the daily physical exertion she exhibits is more than her calorie intake allows for, causing episodes of the reality star to faint whilst exercising. But these if you must know are the inconvenient nuisances of maintaining a ‘stellar’ figure.

Nikki Grahame

Of note, Ms Grahame who is 5 ft 1 and weighs 5st 7lbs or 77 pounds (yes I thought that might make your jaw drop) has been forced a total of eleven times to date to commit to health sanatoreums to address her condition. That said with even now seeing a therapist twice a week (yes there’s a lot to sort out) Ms Grahame will be the first to admit that she will never be free of the disorder that plagues her.

In fact so besotten has Ms Grahame been to her condition, since the age of 8 (are eight year old girls that sensitive of how they must look to others?) she penned a book in 2009, ‘Dying to be thin.’ In the book she disclosed how much happier she was when she was a ‘bit’ heavier and in romantic relationship. At 29 years old Ms Grahame at present is single.

In order to sustain herself Ms Grahame undergoes a daily ritual of medications after her oesophagus was ruined from constant purging as well having to take pills for her frail bones which have been shattered a number of times from simply from being hugged. One can only imagine what else has shattered Ms Grahame?