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Yikes! Woman arrested and jailed for painting her fingernails on Southwest airlines.

Jeannie Daniels
Jeannie Daniels

In another episode confirming your suspicions that flying over the skies in America is getting increasingly absurd comes the episode of Jeannie Daniels who happened recently to be a happy passenger on Southwest Airlines until that is they arrested her and had her locked up for ten hours. Her crime? Applying nail polish on her nails whilst the plane was flying.

According to the nydaily news things came to a head when one of the airline attendants took exception to the smell of the nail varnish. Having apologized and desisted from applying anymore nail varnish, Jeannie Daniels put things away before continuing 20 minutes later in the lavatory to continue doing what she had begun in what she assumed would be the most non invasive way. Exact one flight attendant didn’t quite see it that way…

nydailynews: When she exited, she claims a flight attendant immediately confronted her.

“She was getting so loud, while I was sitting in my seat, and I was just like, ‘Will you stop!’ And I was loud when I said, ‘Stop bitching at me,’ because she wouldn’t end the conversation,” Daniels told the TV station.

Upon landing, she was arrested for using a curse word and charged with “abusive profane language”.

Oh dear so much for politeness…but then again perhaps it would have behooved the flight attendant to have staid the higher ground and not begrudged Jeannie Daniels who it seems was adamant about beautifying herself on account of the fact that she was on her way to see her boyfriend. Yet on the flip side, what was our dear Jeannie thinking she’d accomplish by giving an obtuse, over worked, under paid flying attendant a piece of her mind anyway?

Reflects Jeannie Daniels:

“I don’t know what’s going on with the airline or why the flight attendant suddenly has so much authority and can treat people so poorly.”

The airline for its part had this to say:

“The customer you reference was taken into custody upon arrival in Houston for behavior she displayed while onboard a flight from LAS – HOU on Feb 26th. The airport police became involved because of the passenger’s behavior and a verbal altercation with a Southwest Airlines crew member. Southwest Airlines is responsible for the safety of all of our passengers and employees.”

The moral of the day? Aren’t you glad airlines and their attendants are forever vigilant against the scourge of society and have taken to accosting nail polishing vixens who insist on traumatizing us with their intentions of making their nails dainty? Keeping America safe and deprived off their civil liberties and civility will always ensure a mesmerizing flight….’

Just be careful never to stare too intently at those who insist on wearing their pj’s on the plane, or clipping their toenails or worse painting their nails- or you just might all go blind.



  1. The last time I checked Finger nail polish was never allowed because it is a flamable liquid. Also being in a airplane bathroom or any part of the airplane people have to breath that in and it can cause more health issues then just a simple nail painting. As they said she was arrested due to her behavior on the ground not so much in the air. But last time I knew if you interfere with a crew member’s duties no matter how big or small that is a federal offense. It is mainly for the safety of all on board. Many other thing’s I am sure are far worse , but people love to take their fifteen minutes of fame and stretch the truth. Usaully the truth comes out. Aren’t they the number one airline anyway. I am sure she was just doing her job.

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