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Alexander Berardi Soho boutique have their mascot bunny stolen by thieves in cowboy hats.

Alexander Berardi store.
Alexander Berardi store with bunnies

Alexander Berardi is not happy. 

Kids here comes a tale that ought to make you wince in amazement, but then again one can only suppose these imaginative thieves either had a hard on for Miss Cooper, the one year old rabbit that had until Wednesday served as resident mascot for Alexander Berardi as she promenaded on the inside window or a hard on for Mr Berardi or one of the employees instead.

dna: The fluffy, floppy-eared brown-and-white cutie was snatched by a man with a handlebar mustache and a black Stetson and his female pardner, dressed up in a white cowboy hat, said Christopher Kulukundis, a designer at Prince Street clothing store  Alexander Berardi New York.

The two, who Kulukundis said were regular visitors who had described themselves as artists in the past, often stopped by to pet Miss Cooper as she hopped in her pen in the store’s front window.

Stopped by to regularly pet Mr Cooper and now will be petting him in the comfort of the oven stove or between their bedsheets? Kids, handle bar moustaches aside, why would anyone go out of their way to snatch a bunny? Especially a lovable must have fashion icon bunny? (hmm, maybe there are not so many fashionable bunnies to go around?) It’s not like you can’t find them in pet stores or at your local out of the way shrub where they live in multitudes? Or is it a situation that Miss Cooper had too much of an irresistable charm for our cowboy thieves?

What has happened to Miss Cooper?

Miss Cooper and her rabbit pal, Jack, travel from Kulukundis’ and his business partner Alexander Berardi’s apartments every morning, and spend their days in a 3-by-5 foot pen lined with synthetic grass, Kulukundis said.

They’re widely adored, and count model Christy Turlington and actress Jane Krakowski among their fans, he added.

Kulukundis was helping a customer when one of the two cowpokes entered. He didn’t realize Miss Cooper had been taken before his customer asked where she was.

Oh dear what it is to become of Miss Cooper? Let’s hope authorities find these handle bar moustache perpetrators and that Miss Cooper isn’t too startled from no longer being a must have fashion accessory…



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