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Yes it’s true your tween daughter can now get herself a bikini wax.


How young can you be to get a pedicure and a waxing?

Perhaps as a sign of service providers looking to increase their bottom line, more and more of them have been introducing services to an age bracket once deemed unquestionable- that of the 1 year old up to the 11 year old. Should we be alarmed, or should we the consumer happily embrace the added services at our disposal?

huffpo: How young it too young for a manicure? For a blowout? For a bikini wax?

Apparently there are no limits, with 1-year-olds getting manicures and 11-year-olds getting their hair down there waxed.

Andrea Canning of ABC’s “Good Morning America” took a look at the big steps being taken by little girls to be pretty — and luckily she’s just about as freaked out as we were.

Freaked out? Really? Is huffpo suggesting that they know better than these children’s parents? It’s not like that the services being offered involve sexual acts or something wholly too adult? Then perhaps it’s a question of sensibilities?

But trying to justify plucking and waxing for the elementary school set, a la “Toddlers & Tiaras”? “It’s just part of hygiene!” is not an excuse. (Neither is the fact that they might be wearing these crotchless panties later).

Another downside to the whole tween spa boom not noted in the segment, aside from saddling our girls with crippling insecurities about their appearance, is encouraging kids to spend. Not every family can afford a weekly mani-pedi or twice-weekly blowouts — nor might these girls, once they grow up and leave the house, find themselves with the means to maintain their tween beauty routines.

Insecurities about self appearance? But doesn’t that make the world go around in the first place? Isn’t that the first thing humans notice about each other? Or is this huffpo’s attempt to warn us that the realities of life outside of our household’s aren’t always so savory and conditioning a 6 year that what also matters isn’t her homework assignment but how her appearances shape up in the outside world. Something that until now we only cared about once we reached puberty and looking a certain way helped us with the prospective opposite sex and to some degree how we were received by society.