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Single mom killed in Christmas hit and run died with a list of dreams in her pocket.


She had 5 simple dreams and she carried them with her everywhere on a list she kept in her pocket. Simply titled ‘my dreams,’ the list offered hope to one 38 year old Brooklyn woman who had an 8 year old son. Those dreams though were dashed come Christmas day when Donna Fountain was killed in a hit and run incident.

The list is as follows:

-Work on my dream job.
-Buy a house by 45.
-Start housing for gay and lesbian teens.
-Marry the woman of my dreams.
-Make sure Elijah graduates from college!

Simple elegant dreams that would make anyone of us proud to live out and achieve, but then again not all dreams are meant to be achieved which is ironically why they are called dreams, but dreams are often the things that keep us collectively inspired and hunkered down to live through the turbulence of the human condition and sometimes the turbulence of a reckless driver who guns you down….

jezebel: Donna was hit at 7:30 on Chrismas morning as she headed to her job as a home health care aide. After running Fountain down, a grey car sped off, leaving her dying in the street, just two and a half blocks from the small apartment she shared with her son. 

And perhaps this is the part that is hard to take even as an unbiased outsider. Then again how unresponsive are we when we share the same desires and compassion for those closest to us.

I hesitate to even say this next bit, because it will twist your heart into a tiny knot and cause your eyes to leak for hours, but Elijah was at home with a sitter, excitedly waiting for his mom to come home after her shift and open presents.

Except she never made it home and it is understood according to relatives who have taken in Elijah that their bond was particularly close and acute.

At present police are confident they will find their assailant as speed cameras where in the vicinity, and be dealt with the full weight of the law.

Such are the things that happen to even those of us with love and dreams in our hearts, on the holiest/festive days of the year, but then again time is just a state of mind and perhaps going forward one 8 year old boy will have to suspend one terrible day in his life to surge ahead with his own dreams now.