Home Pop Culture Lake Bell sizzles in latest photo shoot for Esquire magazine.

Lake Bell sizzles in latest photo shoot for Esquire magazine.


‘I normally don’t photo this well and I am glad you can’t see all the unflattering photos on my I phone.’

Hmm, who is actress Lake Bell kidding? The HBO actress, star of ‘How to make it in America,’ this month makes a debut appearance in Esquire magazine where she reflects on her travels, diet and career.

‘I’m vegan on home base, but when I travel to other countries, I throw it all into the garbage,’

‘I love to travel, and for me part of what’s so cool about visiting other countries is to experience the culture. And a huge part of every culture is the food. 

‘And I feel like that would be deprivation. Like if you went to Morocco and you didn’t have a f****** lamb tagine. “I’m sorry, could I have an avocado salad?”‘

No we think not either Lake…

But Lake isn’t just all brawn and beauty either…(after all let’s remember a woman isn’t worth much these days unless she can pull off a calendar spread, right kids?)

The star of HBO’s How to Make It in America is funny (see her on Adult Swim’s Childrens Hospital). She writes and directs (see her short film Worst Enemy, which made it into Sundance earlier this year), is a self-described motorhead (see her automotive column in The Hollywood Reporter, “Test Drive”), and gives a mean prison tattoo, at least at her boarding school at the age of 14 (see the plus sign on her ankle). Oh, and she loves airplane staple SkyMall: “I mean, shit. Have you seen the zombie gnomes?”

Don’t you wish you were just as talented and beautiful, then again you probably are…

Quite the sight...?
Or just role playing for the camera?