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Douglas Booth: The Burberry model who is set to now become the sudden star of the acting world.


He’s only 19 years old but apparently Douglas Booth has been rubbing shoulders with acting royalty since he was 15 when he got his first agent and first film at the age of 16. Having already starred opposite in Doctor Who’s Matt Smith in the BBC drama Worried about the Boy, a film based on the life of Boy George the young unknown actor has been creating a lot of buzz following his stellar (and dare we say drop dead gorgeous appearance) performance in the BBC’s remake of the Charles Dicken’s classic Great Expectations.

BBC executives have been piqued following the robust viewership of the remake which brought in a heady 4.1 million viewers on a weeknight against some pretty stiff competition like ITV’s Fast Freddie and The Widow and Me. Playing the part of teenage Pip across fellow actors Ray Winstone and Gillian Anderson, it appears audience members were quite smitten with the handsome actor who it is said had to be trained for the role with a Kent accent and have had his hair curled every day on set.

The actor who has modeled for the likes of Burberry offers acting that acting is his real passion but then again it probably didn’t hurt him either that he has been the face of Burberry’s as well as starred in a retinue of editorials.

Which is to say talent can go a long way but so does ones looks. Not bad for a relatively unknown actor and kudos to studio heads for taking a chance on this fine young actor who one suspects has only begun what is to become a long lifetime habit of seducing audiences…

Don’t you wish you were a pretty boy too?


Young boy indeed

With Miley Cyrus.
Emma Roberts, Christopher Bailey, Douglas Booth


  1. Actually, Booth starred opposite Matt Smith in Christopher and his Kind, not Worried about the Boy.

    Both are amazing films.

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