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Darrin Porter would like to explain how he got arrested being drunk at Monday night’s AA meeting.


Once a drunk always a drunk?

wiwt: Darrin Porter was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing official business.

According to court records, Porter went into the Twelve Step House on Hamilton Avenue in College Hill early Monday. Police said Porter had a “strong odor” of alcohol on his breath and refused to leave.

Police said Porter also refused to answer any questions when officers arrived. Instead, he asked the officers for their Social Security numbers and names.

Kids, personally I think Darrin was having all you bixches on when he turned up this past Monday at the local Cincinnati AA meeting and insisted on staying around until them cops came round and tried hauling his ass for the inconvenient reason that he was lonely and miserable and feeling the heady burden of his existence drunk (really they should have at least tried answering his questions…)

After all if you’re going to be on the bottle what better place than at AA? There’s always someone bound to have a spare nip of rum under their sleeve or a feel good party to attend straight after AA (I’m not kidding you, I’ve been too many with half of the guests moments ago swearing they were going to be off the good stuff down the road) and frankly with Christmas and all why should Darrin be deprived of the good stuff? Yes yes I know I am being politically incorrect, making fun of drunks is a no no especially when you see how miserable they all are, but then again Darrin just couldn’t think of a better way of getting you to love him. After all it gets tiring making love to the same bottle every night…

Aren’t you glad you’re not a committed drunk too, unless of course you are….

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