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Woman driving with no front tire crashes into ditch after her boyfriend snubs their ‘Twilight’ movie date.



Calamities of the broken hearted.

Kendall Coutny, Illinois. Olivia Ornelas was just plain too mad when she suddenly got into her car to notice a missing front tire. But then again she had a case of moonshine and a broken heart to nurse.

Which is another way of saying it’s time for you to take out your own case of moonshine so you can commisserate in equal parts to the drama making the circles- ‘My boyfriend snubbed our ‘Twilight’ movie date and now I am going to get damn drunk and drive to oblivion,’ saga.

It all began when Kendall County Sheriff’s Office came across a car nestled in a ditch by the side of the road. Getting out to explore officers happened upon the happily miserably drunk visage of Olivia Ornelas who it seems was still having a hard time trying to work out if she had somehow ended up starring in her own ‘Twilight’ film.

Offered our heroine: “I was extremely upset with my boyfriend because he did not see the movie Twilight like we were suppose too.”

Which must have explained the driving with a missing front tire bit right?

For her troubles Ornelas was held in custody overnight before being released after posting $300 bail. She has been charged with DUI and unlawful consumption of alcohol by a minor.

Broken hearted indeed!

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  • Protect the FagLight fan!!

    Shouldn’t you be filtering out her physical location? I mean what if she’s on Team Edward and a Team Jacob comes for her ass?! No seriously, it’s humiliating enough to have your name listed but now people can just march up to her front door, instead of having to wait till they see her in town, and harrass her.